How Big is Autzen?

How Big is Autzen?

Located north of the University of Oregon campus, it is the home field of the Oregon Ducks of the Pac-12 Conference. Opened 55 years ago in 1967, the stadium has undergone several expansions. The official seating capacity is presently 54,000, however, the actual attendance regularly exceeds that figure.

How much is Autzen Stadium worth?

Autzen Stadium
Construction cost US$2.5 million $80 million (2002 renovation)
Architect Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Ellerbe Becket (2002 renovation)
Tenants University of Oregon Ducks – (NCAA) (1967–present)
Capacity 54,000 (2002–present) 41,698 (1988–2001) 40,000 (1967–1987)

Who is Autzen Stadium named after?

Thomas John Autzen
You might say that Autzen Stadium at the University of Oregon owes its name to plywood. It is named in honor of Thomas John Autzen, a second-generation Portland lumberman who ushered in the age of plywood. Born on June 30, 1888, Autzen grew up in Hoquiam, Washington.

Where is the University of Oregon football stadium?

Autzen StadiumOregon Ducks football / Arena/Stadium

What section is the student section at Autzen?

sections 4-8
Pre-Game/Entering Autzen Stadium Student seating is located in sections 4-8 and the top of 2 on a first come-first seat basis.

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