How can I talk to Tony Hawk?

How can I talk to Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk on Twitter: “Text me at +1 (760) 492-6712 (for real; it’s me)” / Twitter.

What is Tony Hawks phone number?

Giving away these three [new] old-school @birdhouse decks: text me at +1 (760) 492-6712 and I’ll pick random winners at 5pm PST.

Where is Tony Hawk’s office?

Vista, CA
The offices of Tony Hawk Inc. are located in a non descript office park in Vista, CA. The office is pretty low-key. The most “extreme” stuff is the collection of decks artfully displayed on the walls.

Does Tony Hawk have a website?

The Official Website of Tony Hawks.

Where can I meet Tony Hawk?

You’ll visit Tony Hawk’s private skatepark, home of Birdhouse Skateboards in Southern California. While there, you’ll see Tony’s giant ‘Huckjam’ ramps, meet Tony Hawk and sit in on a live broadcast of Tony Hawk’s Demolition Radio!

How much does it cost to book Tony Hawk?

$100,000 – $200,000
Tony Hawk is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics including Business, Inspirational and Sales. The estimated speaking fee range to book Tony Hawk for live events is $100,000 – $200,000, and for virtual events $50,000 – $100,000.

Whats Tony Hawk doing now?

Hawk now focuses more on the business side of his career, having founded The Skateboard Project and participating in numerous other partnerships. He also owns the Hawk Apparel Company and Birdhouse Skateboards.

Is there a book about Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk: The Autobiography: Professional Skateboarder: Hawk, Tony, Mortimer, Sean: 9781613835302: Books:

What is a mute grab called now?

Updated 3:07 PM ET, Thu August 13, 2020. Tony Hawk is renaming the mute air/grab to the “Weddle grab” in honor of the deaf skater who created it. (CNN) Pro skating legend Tony Hawk is formally changing the name of an iconic skateboarding move in order to honor the deaf skater who created it.

How many books has Tony Hawk written?

Tony Hawk: Professional Skateboar…2002Hawk: Occupation: Skateboar…2000Between Boardslides and Burno…2002How Did I Get Here? The Ascen…2010Hawk. Professione: skater2017American Wasteland2005
Tony Hawk/Books

How many skateboarders have landed a 900?

There are only four people who have been able to spin completely and he’s one of them. Tas Pappas and Rob Boyce also have spun it, but they haven’t landed it.”