What does service in your PNP logo mean?

What does service in your PNP logo mean?

Honor, Justice
Service, Honor, Justice – Service is the vibrant and cogent deeds and actions in response to the needs and wants of the people in distress: Honor could be the overriding criterion and consideration in the performance of their entrusted task or mission: and Justice dispensed to everyone whatever is due to him without …

What is to serve and protect in PNP?

PROTECT AND SERVE COMMUNITIES The PNP is mandated to enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.

What is service honor and justice?

Service • Honor • Justice – Added distinct ideals for the officers, men and women of the PNP to insure efficiency, integrity, cohesiveness, camaraderie and equanimity to enhance community acceptance and support to attain its mission of peace keeping and law enforcement.

What does the badge symbolize?

DEFINITION: A badge is a device or accessory, often containing the insignia of an organization, which is presented or displayed to indicate some feat of service, a special accomplishment, a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath (e.g., police and fire), a sign of legitimate employment or student status, or as a …

What is the meaning of NBI?

National Bureau of Investigation
Republic Act No. 157 (June 19, 1947) reorganized the Division of Investigation into the Bureau of Investigation under the Department of Justice (DOJ). ● Executive Order No. 94 (October 4, 1949) renamed the Bureau of Investigation to National Bureau of Investigation which remained attached to DOJ.

What it means to protect and serve?

The Serve and Protect Act would establish, “a new criminal offense for knowingly assaulting a law enforcement officer causing serious bodily injury (or attempting to do so) in circumstances that affect interstate commerce. It imposes criminal penalties—a prison term of up to 10 years, a fine, or both—on a violator.”

Where does protect and serve come from?

The phrase “To Protect and to Serve” originated as the motto for the Los Angeles Police Department before being adopted by departments throughout the country.

What are the 7 service of NBI?

— The NBI shall be headed by a Director and assisted by two (2) Deputy Directors, one for Administration and another for Operations, and an Assistant Director for each of the following seven (7) Services: Investigation Service, Intelligence Service, Human Resource and Management Service, Comptroller Service, Forensic …

What is the important role of NBI in law enforcement?

It acts as a national clearing house of criminal and other information for the use of all prosecuting and law enforcement entities of the Philippines: identification records of identifying marks, characteristics, and ownership or possession of all firearms as well as of test bullets fired therefrom.

Where did protect and serve originate from?

the Los Angeles Police Department
The phrase “To Protect and to Serve” originated as the motto for the Los Angeles Police Department before being adopted by departments throughout the country.

What serve and protect mean?

“Protect and Serve” are the words we see on the side of many police cars and is the motto of most police forces. The words define the mission of the police, which is to “protect” citizens and “serve” the public.

What is Republic No 8551?

Republic Act No. 8551, otherwise known as the Philippine National Police (PNP) Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998 established the Internal Affairs Service (IAS) as the mandated institutional watchdog agency for the PNP organization.

What is the purpose of RA 9592?

Arroyo signed into law, R.A. 9592 entitled an “Act extending the 5 years reglementary period for complying the minimum education qualification and appropriation eligibility in the appointment of the BFP. On October 19, 1935, Deputy Chief Jacinto Lorenzo became the first Filipino Fire Chief of Manila Fire Department.