What is ATG tape used for?

What is ATG tape used for?

Adhesive transfer tape, or ATG tape, is a strong, durable, double-sided adhesive used extensively in picture framing to secure mat boards and dust covers and very popular for sealing boxes. ATG tape is a reverse-wound tape that usually comes on plastic rolls that fit into ATG tape dispensers.

How strong is ATG tape?

The formulation gives 3M Adhesive 400 a consistently strong bond across a range of temperatures. A thin, tough, polyester film carrier between the adhesive layers improves the handling and strength of the tape. By using a robust 55 lb.

How do you open the Scotch ATG 700?

Simply put the application roller on the surface where you want to start applying the adhesive, pull the trigger and pull the dispenser backwards. When you get to the end let go of the trigger and lift up.

Is ATG tape archival?

Description. An archival quality double-sided acid-free tape used extensively in the framing industry due to its ease of use with a pistol applicator.

What is snot tape?

Some call it snot tape aka clear butyl but this is the actual description – Scapa 4450 is a versatile acrylic transfer tape with a high tack permanent adhesive recommended for all permanent bonding, mounting, laminating and splicing applications where high temperature performance is required.

What is the 3M Scotch 714 ATG adhesive applicator?

Before ordering, please read the “Product Description & Specs” tab content for more information about this item. 3M Scotch 714 ATG Adhesive Applicator allows controlled application of 1/4-inch wide ATG pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with just the touch of your finger.

How much tape does the 714 dispenser hold?

The 714 Dispenser holds up to 60 yards of 1/4-inch wide ATG tape. Please see listing below to confirm which ATG refill rolls work in which ATG dispensers (you can also watch a YouTube video demonstrating the compatibility between ATG refill rolls and ATG guns ). Note: Specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy.

What is ATG adhesive used for?

ATG adhesive is designed to flow into surface irregularities to join, mount, and laminate for a variety of projects. The lightweight and portable 3M Scotch 714 applicator is ideal for everything from light home use to heavy-duty industrial applications.