What spark plug does a McCULLOCH chainsaw use?

What spark plug does a McCULLOCH chainsaw use?

NGK Spark Plug for McCULLOCH Chainsaws 32, 35, 38cc (RDJ7Y) [#322208]

What is the spark plug gap for a McCULLOCH chainsaw?

Clean the spark plug. Check that the electrode gap is 0.020 inch (0.5 mm). The bar should be turned daily for more even wear.

How often should you change spark plugs in chainsaw?

A poorly functioning engine in a Stihl chainsaw can mean more work for the operator and can even be dangerous. Consequently, Stihl recommends replacing the spark plug after every 100 service hours.

What Champion spark plug does a Stihl chainsaw take?

The NGK BPMR7A and the NGK CMR6H are the two spark plugs used in Stihl chainsaws.

Do all Stihl chainsaws take the same spark plug?

For the best performance from your STIHL tool, we recommend that you always use the STIHL NGK spark plug. The spark plugs are listed in the “Technical data” chapter of your machine’s Instruction Manual. For more information and to order your genuine STIHL spark plug, contact your local Approved STIHL dealer.

How do I know if my chainsaw needs new spark plugs?

If there are only a few sparks coming out of one side of the electrodes but none on the other side, it’s not bad enough for you to worry about, but it will affect your performance. If the electrodes are worn down or damaged in any way that prevents them from making a spark, then they need replacing immediately.

What size spark plug does a Stihl chainsaw take?


What size spark plug goes in a Stihl chainsaw?

NGK Spark Plugs for Stihl Equipment

Gap 0.032″ (0.8mm)
Terminal Solid Nut
Thread Size 14mm
Tip Projected Tip
Type Resistor

What is the gas to oil ratio for a McCulloch chainsaw?

The manufacturer recommends using McCulloch Two Cycle Custom Lubricant, an oil designed specifically for use in the 3.7 chain saw, at a ratio of 40:1 (40 parts gasoline to 1 part McCulloch Two Cycle Custom Lubricant). If you can’t find the MucCulloch oil, a high-quality SAE two-cycle oil can be used at a ratio of 20:1.

Do all Stihl products use the same spark plug?