Does the D800 have Wi-Fi?

Does the D800 have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available for Nikon’s pro digital cameras (D4 series, D3 series, D800 series, D700 series and D300 series) as photojournalists and other pros need a way to get their images from the camera to their picture editor or wire service so they can be posted online shortly after being captured.

Does the Nikon D800 shoot 4K?

Hi, everybody is saying the Nikon D800 is shooting 4k video, but the highest I can see is 1080….Latest buying guides.

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Is the Nikon D800 4K?

While you might be lusting after the latest high-end gear to get 4K resolutions and beyond, it turns out your lowly Nikon D800 (superseded by the 810) is capable of seriously high-resolution RAW video — close to true 8K.

How many megapixels is a Nikon D800?

Nikon D800. The Nikon D800 is a 36.3- megapixel professional-grade full-frame digital single-lens reflex camera produced by Nikon Corporation. It was given a Gold Award by Digital Photography Review. It was officially announced on February 7, 2012 and went on sale in late March 2012 for the suggested retail price…

Is the Nikon D800 good for wedding photography?

Wedding, commercial or landscape, the D800 is the ultimate 36.3 MP FX-format camera for creative genius. Witness tonal range and precision rendered to supreme clarity, depth and texture.

Is the Nikon D800E covered under warranty?

Nikon has advised that there are mislabelled Nikon D800E in circulation that are actually the D800 model with the front cover replaced so as to appear like a D800E. A D800 modified to appear to be a D800E is not covered under Nikon warranty.

What is the best wide angle prime lens for Nikon D800?

Best Wide-angle Prime Lenses for Nikon D800. Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art ($899): Highly recomended! This lens delivers excellent brightness and bokeh and is ideal high speed lens for snapshots. The Sigma 20mm F1.4 DG HSM can be considered as the culmination of the Art line in relation with F1.4 series.