How do you enable cheats in The Stanley Parable?

How do you enable cheats in The Stanley Parable?

First, before launching the game in Steam, type ‘-console’ in the launch options. Then, once you have booted up the game, press ~ to bring the console down, and type in “sv_cheats 1”, a standard code to enable cheats in many games using the Source engine.

What is the best ending to The Stanley Parable?

The Confusion ending is one of the most memorable endings of the original Stanley Parable. While Ultra Deluxe’s version is much shorter, it still lives up to that reputation.

How do you get the 8888 achievement in The Stanley Parable?

Achievements. The achievement 88888888 requires the player to input the number 8 {eight} times into the keypad in the Boss’s Office. Later, the voice in the Eight Game saying same EIGHT sound will be heard. If you keep pressing it later on, the Narrator will get angry and will open the passage for you.

What happens if you enable server cheats in the Stanley Parable?

The Narrator will impress upon you the seriousness of enabling server cheats in the Stanley Parable, and will sentence you to a very long time imprisoned in the room, and will leave you there until you manually restart the game. You can use the same code again to be brought back to the Serious Room to have another conversation with the Narrator.

What happens in the Stanley Parable demo?

Before the demo starts, the Narrator addresses a number of safety concerns about playing the Stanley Parable, making the player perform a dance to notify him if they are suffering any of the side-effects. After this the Narrator will start the demo; unfortunately, something goes wrong, and the player ends up back in the Reception room.

What are the different types of cubes in the Stanley Parable?

This cube is actually used in the Games Ending, the only time a cube is used in The Stanley Parable. portal_weighted_antique – Creates a 20th century-era Weighted Storage Cube, also from Portal 2. portal_weighted_sphere – Creates an Edgeless Safety Cube. portal_reflector_cube – Creates a Discouragement Redirection Cube.