How long does it take to hike the Kungsleden?

How long does it take to hike the Kungsleden?

10-12 days
The entire trail takes about a month to cover but because it’s broken into sections you can choose the length of your hike. The most popular section, which stretches between Abisko and Nikkaluokta, is about 105 km long and will take 10-12 days, although if children are in your party it may take longer.

When to hike Kungsleden?

The trail can be walked between July and September. Peak season is July and the start of August. In July the flowers are very pretty, and temperatures can be warm. During August the evenings begin to dark, rivers and streams are at a lower level and by the end of the month, the mosquitos have reduced in number.

How do I get to Abisko?

The national park is easy to get to by train, bus or car from Kiruna or Narvik. Both European route 10 and the railway go through the national park. The railway station in the national park is called Abisko Turist. The tourist station and Naturum visitor centre are right next to the highway and railway station.

How do I get to Kungsleden trail?

If traveling from outside of Sweden, taking the night train from Stockholm to Murjek will likely be the best option. Bus number 94 runs daily between the night train at Murjek and Kvikkjokk during the season. Bus number 43 connects the train at Murjek to Jokkmokk. Bus number 47 connects Jokkmokk and Kvikkjokk.

How long is Kungsleden?

440 kilometres

Length 440 kilometres (270 mi) approximately
Location Lapland, Sweden
Trailheads Abisko/Hemavan
Use Hiking

Is Abisko expensive?

Food in Abisko Sweden is very expensive and Abisko is very expensive even by Sweden standards.

How long should I stay in Abisko?

Statistically speaking, scientists agreed that the Abisko Northern lights are among the most reliable in the world. Supposedly, there’s an 80% success rate of seeing the lights if you stay in Abisko for three nights.

How do I start Kungsleden?

Is abisko the best place to see Northern Lights?

Although there’s a whole host of things to keep tourists busy around Abisko, one activity creates more of a buzz than any other: watching the northern lights. The aurora can be seen across northern Sweden but Abisko is widely regarded as the best place in the country – some say the entire world.

Is abisko expensive?

What should I wear to Abisko?

Hats, gloves and socks Protect your extremities by wearing a hat that covers your ears, waterproof gloves and wool socks. If you have a beautiful, thick head of hair, you can get away with earmuffs or a winter headband. The idea that most of your body heat is lost through your head is a myth.

Where do you fly into for Kungsleden?

Arvidsjaur is the nearest airport to Ammarnäs, with weekly flights from Stockholm operated by Next Jet airlines. Further transit by bus required. Lycksele is another airport, with weekly flights from Stockholm operated by Next Jet airlines.

What is Sweden’s Kungsleden trail?

The Kungsleden Trail, or the King’s Trail, is Sweden’s most popular multi-day hike. It starts in Abisko above the Arctic Circle and runs south to the mountain village of Hemavan.

Where is the King’s Trail in Sweden?

Trek through Swedish Lapland and climb its highest peak on one of Europe’s most wild and remote hikes, the ‘King’s Trail’ or ‘Kungsleden’, on this superb walking holiday. The King’s Trail is situated 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle deep in Swedish Lapland.

What to do on the Kungsleden Trek?

Journeying through a variety of landscapes, from low-lying mountain birch forest to alpine terrain, the trek can be done in either direction. The trail passes through four national parks, namely – Abisko, Stora Sjöfallet, Sarek and Pieljekaise. The Kungsleden scenery is diverse and dramatic.

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