What Cedric did to Lisa?

What Cedric did to Lisa?

Cedric claimed Lisa “kissed a captain who looked like Liam Neeson” while married to Ken Todd. He made the allegations while talking to David Yontef in his podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope.

Are Cedric and Lisa Vanderpump still friends?

As of late, Cedric and Lisa Vanderpump are still not friends. The manipulation from someone he thought so highly of still hurts to this day, even though years have passed.

How much is Lisa Lisa Vanderpump worth?

US$90 million
Lisa Vanderpump, 60 Estimated net worth: US$90 million.

Why did Lisa fall out with Cedric?

Why did Lisa kick Cedric out?

Why did Cedric leave the show? Previously, Lisa has admitted that she was scared Cedric would sell stories about her and her husband to the press after the pair had their falling-out. She told Us Weekly in 2011, “I will sue if he sells any stories about me. I feel absolutely betrayed.”

Who is the highest paid Housewife 2021?

As for how much she made, Nene has highest salary of any Housewife due to RHOA’s massive ratings compared to other cities. (It’s one of the few Housewives shows to have more than 4 million weekly viewers.) According to Radar Online, Nene made $2.85 million per season at the time she left the show.

What happened between Lisa Vanderpump&Cedric Martinez?

Cedric Martinez was the beloved houseguest of Lisa Vanderpump in season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But while Vanderpump insisted that Martinez was like a son to her, by the time the season 1 reunion rolled around, the pair had a major falling out.

Was Cedric Martinez used as a pawn by Lisa Vanderpump?

Former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump has a lot to answer in regards to her past houseguest, Cedric Martinez. Martinez spoke out about being used as a pawn to keep Vanderpump relevant since season 1 of RHOBH in an episode of the Reality Life podcast in 2017.

Were Lisa Vanderpump and Cedric Martinez friends on RHOBH?

Lisa Vanderpump and Cedric Martinez were the best of friends, but he wants to set the record straight that it was all smoke and mirrors on RHOBH. If you watched the early seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you probably remember Lisa Vanderpump’s houseguest, Cedric Martinez.

What happened to Cedric Martinez from RHOBH?

What Happened to Cedric From ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’? Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will remember former housewife Lisa Vanderpump ‘s houseguest, Cedric Martinez. The pair’s good friendship only lasted through the first season, and her former roommate was MIA for the rest of Lisa’s time on the show.