What does mudassir mean?

What does mudassir mean?

English meaning of mudassir Hide. Adjective. one who wraps himself in a shawl or sheet of cloth or cloak, a sura of the Qur’an, an appellation of Prophet Muhammad.

What is spelling of mudassir?

Mudassir is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Mudassir name meanings is Wrapped in, Enveloped, One of the names of Muhammad.

What does Muzammil mean?

Muzammil is Muslim name which means – The Wrapped One,Wrapped,One Who Is Enwrapped In Garments. Al-Muzzammil: Title Of The 73rd Sura Of The Quran. In This Sura,Allah Addresses The Prophet Muhammad.

What is the meaning of name Adnan in Urdu?

Adnan name meaning is “heavenly” or”blessed (person)”. Adnan name meaning in Urdu is “جنت میں رہنے والا”.

Is Muzammil a girl name?

Muzammil is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Muzammil name meanings is Wrapped.

Was Adnan A prophet?

Descent from Adnan to Muhammad. According to Islamic tradition, the Islamic prophet Muhammad was descended from Adnan. It has also been reported, through many speeches, that Adnan foretold the coming of Muhammad and ordered his successors to follow him.

What is meaning of Sufyan in Urdu?

(Sufyan Pronunciations) A common Muslim name, though its origin predates Islam. Possibly of Persian origin meaning, “a walking thunderstorm,” “sand storm,” or “walking quickly” Famous real-life people named Sufyan: | Edit.

What is the full form of Muzammil?

Muzammil Meaning: One who is En-wrapped in Garments; Al-muzzammil; Title of the 73rd Sura of the Quran; In this Sura Allah Addresses the Prophet Muhammad.

What is lucky day of Ayesha?

Ayesha Name Meaning

Name Ayesha
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Colors Red, Violet
Lucky Stones Ruby