Who is the blonde on the third hour of Today?

Who is the blonde on the third hour of Today?

meteorologist Dylan Dreyer
TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer celebrated the fall season by changing up her hair, going from dark roots to a bright blond look. After debuting the new style on Thursday, the TODAY 3rd Hour co-host shared a photo on Instagram.

Who are the newscasters on the Today show?

The Today Show anchors

Name Time on Today
Meredith Vieira 2006–2011
Ann Curry 2011–2012
Savannah Guthrie 2012–present
Hoda Kotb 2018–present

How old is sheinelle Jones?

44 years (April 19, 1978)Sheinelle Jones / Age

What is going on with hodas hair?

As it turns out, Hoda’s most recent hair transformation is the result of a mistake that occurred during a routine keratin treatment. Unfortunately, according to what Hoda said on Today, something went wrong during the three-hour treatment and her hair turned bright orange.

Who are the hosts on the third hour of The Today Show?

Al Roker, weather and feature anchor for TODAY, co-host of 3rd hour of TODAY. TODAY.

  • Craig Melvin, news anchor for TODAY, co-host of 3rd hour of TODAY, anchor on MSNBC Live. TODAY.
  • Sheinelle Jones, co-host of 3rd hour of TODAY. TODAY.
  • NBC. Dylan Dreyer, co-host of 3rd hour of TODAY. TODAY.
  • Who is Chanel Jones married to?

    Uche OjehSheinelle Jones / Spouse (m. 2007)

    How old is Savannah Guthrie today?

    50 years (December 27, 1971)Savannah Guthrie / Age

    What happened to Hoda’s hair on the Today show?

    Why did Hoda dye her hair darker?

    While chatting with guest co-anchor Sheinelle Jones (who filled in for Jenna Bush), Kotb explained that her new hair color is a result of an at-home dye job gone awry. It all started when she invited a stylist to her home for a keratin treatment. (FYI, her salon is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.)

    Who are the actors on the Today Show?

    ‘TODAY SHOW’ CAST: WHO ELSE ANCHORS THE SHOW? The Today Show also features Al Roker, Craig Melvin, Carson Daly, Jenna Bush Hager, Sheinelle Jones, Dylan Dreyer, Peter Alexander, Kristen Welker, and Willie Geist. Where to watch The Today Show

    Who is the co-host of the Today Show?

    After Lauer was dismissed, Kotb joined Guthrie as the interim co-host, and on January 2, 2018, she was named the official co-host, the first time in “Today”‘s history that two women have shared the chair.

    Who was the first female host of the Today Show?

    Barbara Walters (1974 to 1976) After McGee’s untimely departure, NBC finally named Barbara Walters as co-host of ” Today,” making her the first female co-host of the program. Walters was already acting in the capacity for several years prior. Walters left in 1976 to co-anchor the ” ABC Evening News.”

    Who is Sheinelle Jones on NBC Today?

    Sheinelle Jones is a co-host of NBC News’ 3rd hour of TODAY and a mid-week correspondent for TODAY. Sheinelle Jones is co-host of the 3rd Hour of TODAY.