What app works with Sphero BB-8?

What app works with Sphero BB-8?

You can use either the Sphero Edu app (formerly the SPRK Lightning Lab app) or the Tickle app. Both are free to download and install. The SPRK app is available for Apple, Android, and Amazon Kindle devices.

What happened to the Sphero droid app?

Beginning October 1, 2021 the compatible apps for these legacy products will no longer be available for download. Purchases made from any third-party retailers are not covered by Sphero’s warranty.

Why is my Sphero BB-8 not working?

To resolve this issue, make sure that all Bluetooth devices you could use to connect to Sphero (smartphones, tablets, iPods, etc.) within 50 feet are turned off or have Bluetooth turned off. Place Sphero in the charger and hit the button on the side of the charger, this should hard reset Sphero.

How do I pair BB-8?

The App opens immediately with the Star Wars theme and the focus on BB-8. To continue using the App, you need to hold the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid next to it which will then automatically pair with the App using Bluetooth Low Energy. After pairing, you can select the different features.

How do I connect my Sphero to my phone?

Pairing Sphero with a Device

  1. Remove Sphero from the Induction Charger.
  2. Shake Sphero awake.
  3. Access iOS Bluetooth settings.
  4. Wait for the device to detect Sphero.
  5. When your Sphero is detected, select it for pairing.
  6. Once your Sphero is paired and glowing white, connect to it with one of the supported Sphero apps.

Does BB-8 Sphero have a camera?

BB-8 has his own Star Wars-themed control app here, and three functions (for starters) make him come alive. You’ll have a basic control to control him yourself, you’ll have autonomous control, and you’ll have holographic camera messaging.

How do I connect my droid to an app?

How do I connect my Droid with the app?

  1. Turn ON your droid.
  2. Launch the Droid Depot app.
  3. Tap “I have a Droid!”
  4. Tap “OK” when prompted to use Bluetooth.
  5. When prompted to “initiate droid communication synchronization”, tap “Yes”
  6. When prompted, turn your droid OFF, then tap “Continue” to initiate synchronization.

How do I connect my BB-8 Sphero?

What devices does Sphero work with?

Android devices must meet the following requirements to run the Sphero Play application: Android 5.0 or higher. Bluetooth LE (4.0)…Sphero Play Device Compatibility.

Device Model OS Version
iPad Mini 2+ iOS 10+
iPhone 5+ iOS 10+
iPod Touch 6th Generation+ iOS 10+

How do you connect a controller to a Droid?