What is a spin chiller?

What is a spin chiller?

Spin chiller (NEW) A spin chiller involves a prechilling step in which a counter current flow of cold water is used to lower the temperature of the carcasses. The carcasses are then moved into a chiller a large tank specifically designed to move the carcasses through in a specific amount of time.

How spin chiller works?

Screw Chiller / Spin Chiller A screw with adjustable speed transports the birds gently through the water bath. By constantly blowing air into the bottom area, good mixing of the water and even cooling of the birds is ensured.

What is chilling in poultry processing?

“Cooling of poultry is typically accomplished by one of three methods—immersion chilling, dry-air chilling, or evaporative air chilling,” says Northcutt. “In immersion chilling, carcasses are submerged in tanks of cold water or an ice and water mix. Dry-air chilling is achieved by blasting carcasses with cold air.

Can Spinners be cold?

If you spin a can in a tub of ice, it cools faster, because in spinning the can you cause convection in the can, while at the same time considerably increasing the surface area of the can that is actually touching ice.

What are the different types of chillers?

These chillers are sub-categories of the main 3 types of chillers: reciprocating, rotary screw, and absorption chillers. Each have their own design and pro vs. cons. Choosing the right chiller for your facility is an important decision.

How do you air chill poultry?

During air-chilling, each bird is individually chilled over the course of about three hours. Birds are moved into carefully monitored temperature-controlled chambers where purified air cools them. The air-chilling process results in several standout benefits — namely great-tasting chicken.

What is chiller in abattoir?

Technology. The aim of a carcass chiller is to reduce the temperature of freshly slaughtered red and poultry carcasses to one where the rate of microbial growth is very slow. Over 3.5 million tonnes of meat is produced in the UK each year. This is chilled from approaching 40°C to a final average temperature of 0 to 4°C …

Is chiller same as freezer?

The difference between a freezer and a blast chiller is that a freezer holds food at below freezing temperature while a blast chiller cools food quickly by blowing cold air over the food product and gradually dropping the temperature in the chamber.

Which chiller is most efficient?

Water-cooled chillers, which use water to remove the heat, are twice as energy efficient as air-cooled chillers, which use the flow of outside air to remove heat from the chiller.

Why is air-chilled chicken best?

Air Chilling Ensures Better Flavor & Texture Water absorbed during processing tends to purge into the package; what remains in the meat evaporates out during cooking, leaving dry meat that doesn’t take on seasonings or flavors readily. Air chilled chicken by contrast produces tender meat with better flavor and texture.

Is air-chilled chicken good?

3. Air-chilled chicken cooks better. The water in water-chilled chicken evaporates as it cooks, creating shrunken, rubbery chicken, especially when it’s grilled or barbecued. Further, air-chilled chicken cooks faster, absorbs marinades and seasonings much better, and has a crispier skin after cooking.

What is carcass chilling?

Spray chilling, a system whereby chilled water is applied to carcasses during the early part of postmortem cooling, is used to control carcass shrinkage and to improve chilling rates through evaporative cooling.

Which is colder fridge or chiller?

Chiller tray temperatures in single-door model refrigerators are usually colder than the refrigerator fresh food compartment, but not as cold as the freezer frozen food compartment.

What are spin chillers used for in poultry processing?

PoultryProcessingEquipment.com manufacture and supply a complete range of spin chillers for cooling eviscerated chicken carcasses in water prior to cut-up or packing as well as custom made air chill systems where birds are cooled with cold air. Generally, water chilled birds are used for frozen products and air chill birds for fresh products.

How does the screw chiller remove the birds?

After their passage through the water bath, the birds are removed by an unloader from the container that feeds them e.g. to the drying drum, where adhering water is removed. The screw chiller is available in different lengths and widths which depend on the required capacity.

How does a screw chiller work?

On the drive side of the screw chiller, the birds are fed into the tub, filled with chilled water. A screw with adjustable speed transports the birds gently through the water bath.

What is the difference between water chilled and air chilled birds?

Generally, water chilled birds are used for frozen products and air chill birds for fresh products. However, in some countries, water chilled birds are used for fresh production but with a lesser shelf-life compared to air chilled.