Where can I leave my car parked at LAX?

Where can I leave my car parked at LAX?

LAX Off-Airport Parking Rates:

Parking Facility Daily Rate Reserve Online
ValuePark LAX – 9920 S La Cienega Boulevard $21 Book Now
Joe’s Airport Parking – 6141 W Century Boulevard $21 Book Now
The Parking Spot Century – 5701 W Century Boulevard $25 Book Now
The Parking Spot Sepulveda – 9101 S Sepulveda Boulevard $25 Book Now

Where is it best to park at LAX?

best lax parking in Los Angeles, CA

  • AC Hotel LAX Airport Parking. 10.0 mi. 47 reviews.
  • LAX Parking Curb Express. 8.5 mi. 345 reviews.
  • QuikPark LAX. 8.9 mi. 1017 reviews.
  • LAX Economy Parking. 8.6 mi.
  • The Parking Spot – Century. 8.7 mi.
  • The Parking Spot – Sepulveda. 8.6 mi.
  • Marriott LAX Parking. 8.7 mi.
  • Sunrise LAX Parking. 8.9 mi.

How much does it cost to keep your car at LAX?

Yes, the parking rate is as follows: First 15 minutes – free parking; $7 for the first hour and $6 for each 30 minutes thereafter up to the maximum daily rate of $50 per day.

Where can I park at LAX 2021?


  • Soft Hands Car Care. Shuttle Service. Open 24/7/365. Uncovered Parking. Covered Parking.
  • Easy access east/south of the airport. 24/7 on-call shuttle hours. The Parking Spot Century. 5701 W. Century Blvd.
  • Easy access north/west of the airport. 24/7 on-call shuttle hours. The Parking Spot Sepulveda. 9101 S. Sepulveda Blvd.

Is ParkWhiz com legit?

There have been a few negative ParkWhiz reviews, but many others have had positive experiences. Overall, the service is legit and their refund policy ensures you’re protected in case any issues occur.

What is the closest parking to LAX?

P1 — 100 L2

  • P2A — 80 L2,1 DCFC
  • P2B — 40 L2
  • P3 — 73 L2,1 DCFC
  • P4 — 89 L2,1 DCFC
  • P5 — 55 L2
  • P6 — 114 L2,1 DCFC
  • P7 — 186 L2,2 DCFC f
  • Where is the cheapest parking in Lax?

    Though “cheap” is a relative term. As I write this, nosebleed seats for Super Bowl are going for nearly $6,000 a pop. The exclusive vibe has to do with how the stadium is situated on the land. Because SoFi sits on the flight path to LAX, the designers had

    Where to Park near LAX?

    The closely guarded secret was published by Colombian newspaper El Universal on ] YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK repairs in Los Angeles Monday after a train derailed near the location where

    What is the best parking at LAX?

    Alexia Petruzziello parked her car in the LAX Airport parking lot, and expected to be able to find it exactly where she left it on the fifth floor. Despite being able to see her car from another level, she couldn’t actually get onto that level. “I’m gonna freak the f**k out in two second,” a stressed Petruzziello told the camera.