Where is MVP discs located?

Where is MVP discs located?

MVP Disc Sports is a company based out of MARLETTE, MI, United States.

Does MVP make their own discs?

MVP discs & Axiom discs are both produced by MVP Disc Sports, however Axiom is its own product lineup and brand.

What pros use MVP discs?

Pro Team

  • Aidan Guthrie.
  • Amanda Melwiki. Melwiki.
  • Bo McLaughlin. Lil Sweets.
  • Brandon Oleskie. Oleskie.
  • Daniel Brooks-Wells. Dan Running Bear.
  • Garry Patton. GP.
  • Jeff Faes. Faeser.
  • John Matlack. Matlack.

Who makes MVP discs?

I Co-Founded MVP Disc Sports with my Brother Chad Richardson in January 2010. We operated the company in our parents’ barn for the first five years until we built and moved into a new headquarters in 2015.

Are MVP discs good?

The MVP Relay disc is an understable fairway driver that is easy to throw, making it a great disk for beginner disc golfers. It has a 16 mm moderate wing, which makes it slightly slower and easier to control.

Is Axiom and MVP discs the same?

Are Axiom and MVP the same company? Yes! Axiom is another brand of MVP Disc Sports. Whereas each disc in the MVP line-up is specifically designed for a particular flight profile, Axiom is a place where we can experiment with new options and profiles.

Who is sponsored by Prodigy discs?

Prodigy in Contemporary Times Prodigy players appreciate the autonomy and input into the disc manufacturing side of the company. Prodigy now sponsors over 150 players including some of the highest-rated players in the world (i.e., Kevin Jones, Chris Dickerson, Matt Orum, Thomas Gilbert, and Seppo Paju).

Is axiom MVP discs?

Axiom is a disc golf brand manufactured by MVP. Axiom utilizes gyro technology and multiple color options to create discs that fly well and look great.

Are MVP discs more stable?

For that reason, if you use an MVP disc and a Latitude disc with the same flight numbers, the MVP disc will probably be more overstable. As far as the glide goes, that’s just something you’ll have to deal with. MVP discs just won’t glide as much as that magical european plastic.

What is the best MVP disc plastic?

Plasma is MVP’s best looking plastic in our opinion. It has a metallic sheen that can be swirly or withsparkles! It is semi-gummy and provides a slightly more understable flight than Neutron and because it has slightly more dome it will give you a touch more glide than other premium plastics.

What is the best MVP plastic?

Who owns Axiom discs?

Axiom is a disc golf brand manufactured by MVP.

Who founded prodigy disc?

Congratulations to Prodigy founder, David Greenwell, on his 25th World Title. David won the Senior Grandmasters division at the PDGA World Disc Golf Championships in Pittsburgh. David has participated in every PDGA World Championship since it began.

Is MVP and Axiom the same?

Are Axiom and MVP discs the same?

Is MVP discs good?

If you’re a beginner disc golf player, the MVP AMP disc will be a great choice for you. Although the disc is great for beginners, it can also be useful for golf players with different skill levels. The AMP disc from the MVP line is an understable fairway driver.

Why buy MVP discs?

Your shopping cart is empty! MVP Disc Sports was founded in 2010. MVP discs have a unique over-molded edge that is soft and tacky yet allows flexibility and firmness in the body. A softer outside edge aides in grabbing the chains and dropping the disc into the basket.

How do I contact MVP disc sports?

© 2022 MVP Disc Sports [email protected] 844-MVP-DISC (687-3472) 6599 Euclid St, Marlette, MI 48453

What is the MVP pro shop?

The MVP Pro Shop creates a unique place for our Team MVP members to get their discs to their fans, gives MVP, Axiom, and Streamline an outlet for oddities and prototypes, and creates a much more intuitive purchasing experience for the disc golf community as a whole. Does this mean you are selling stock stamps?

Where can I find the 2022 MVP discs?

6599 Euclid St, Marlette, MI 48453 © 2022 MVP Disc Sports [email protected] 844-MVP-DISC (687-3472) 6599 Euclid St, Marlette, MI 48453