Where was All Saints filmed in Australia?

Where was All Saints filmed in Australia?

The series was set in a fictional Sydney suburban hospital called All Saints Western General Hospital. The external shots, including sweeping views of the skyline and hospital, were filmed at the Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Sydney.

Why did Stephanie leave All Saints?

Stephanie decided she wanted to go back to study and become a doctor herself and this put an immense strain on her marriage to her childhood sweetheart Ben, a paramedic.

Does Terri return to All Saints?

Together again! Erik Thomson and Georgie Parker reunite and revisit their iconic All Saints love story. Mitch and Terri forever.

Does Mitch marry Rose on All Saints?

The moment All Saints fans have been waiting for is finally here. Dr Mitch Stevens has decided to break the news to his wife Rose that their marriage is over!

Has Georgie Parker had surgery?

After years of pain, Georgie had a hip replacement and, despite the slow and sometimes painful rehabilitation, at the age of 53, the actress tells The Weekly team it’s as if she’s been given a whole new lease on life. Georgie’s health took a major turn for the better after her surgery in February.

Is All Saints a real hospital?

Set in the fictional All Saints Western General Hospital, it focused on the staff of Ward 17 until its closure in 2004, which is when the focus changed and began following the staff of the Emergency Department. It was produced by John Holmes alongside Jo Porter, MaryAnne Carroll and Di Drew.

Does Charlotte have a baby in All Saints?

Charlotte pregnant | Special delivery | Double delight. Charlotte Beaumont can’t hide her joy. The popular All Saints doctor is going to have a baby! As viewers will know, Charlotte – who suffered a tragic miscarriage a while back – has longed to become a mother.

Do Ben and Bron get married All Saints?

Despite a brawl at his bucks’ night and her unwelcome father, Ben and Bron make it to the altar and get married.

How was Dan written out of All Saints?

Death of Mark Priestley Actor Mark Priestley, who played Dan Goldman on the show, took his own life on 27 August 2008. As a result, the show’s final two episodes had to be re-filmed. It is presumed that the nature of these episodes, in which Mark’s on-screen wife goes missing, led Mark to suicide.

What’s wrong with Georgie Parker’s face?

Home and Away star Georgie Parker, 55, has spoken candidly about living with scoliosis and admits she’s lost three inches of height. Speaking to Body & Soul over the weekend, the acclaimed actress, who was diagnosed at 13, opened up about how she looks after her health while grappling with the condition.

When was All Saints filmed?

All Saints (TV Series 1998–2009) – IMDb.

Where is Wakefield building filmed?

Production. The eight-part series was filmed in 2020, at a number of locations in Australia: Sydney; the Blue Mountains; a New South Wales (NSW) northern rivers cane farm near Murwillumbah with Mt. Warning as a backdrop; and Southern Highlands of NSW.

Was Jolene Anderson pregnant Harrow?

Jolene filmed two episodes of season three of Harrow, her pregnant belly cleverly hidden behind bodies and a handbag, before she left to give birth to Alice. Then, in January last year, just three-and-a-half weeks after Alice was born, Jolene made the choice to go back to work to shoot the rest of the season.

Was Tammy MacIntosh pregnant in real life on All Saints?

But will Spence give up his work in Africa to return to Charlotte’s side? We’ll have to wait and see! All Saints’ Tammy MacIntosh will give birth twice – in real life and on screen!

What happens to Rose on All Saints?

Unknown to Terri, Rose IS home but she’ll never be able to resolve their differences. She’s dead, drowned in her backyard pool. Once word of Rose’s death reaches All Saints, it’s initially assumed that she committed suicide.

Is Mark Priestley dead?

August 27, 2008Mark Priestley / Date of death

Who is Georgie Parker’s husband?

Steve WorlandGeorgie Parker / Husband (m. 1999)