Who plays the sax on Emotional Rescue?

Who plays the sax on Emotional Rescue?

Bobby Keys’ sax solo and Mick Jagger’s vocals were added almost a year after the rhythm track was recorded. The Stones played this for the very first time in concert on May 3, 2013, 33 years after they recorded the tune.

Who played bass on Emotional Rescue Rolling Stones?

Ronnie Wood
With Ronnie Wood on bass and Charlie Watts on drums they worked out the song. They then added the saxophone part played by Bobby Keys. Bass guitarist Bill Wyman plays synthesizer on the record, while Jagger and Ian Stewart play electric piano.

Was Miss You a disco song?

Miss You (Rolling Stones song)

“Miss You”
Genre Disco soul disco rock
Length 4:48 (album version) 3:35 (7-inch)
Label Rolling Stones
Songwriter(s) Jagger–Richards

When was Goats Head Soup released?

August 31, 1973Goats Head Soup / Release date

Goats Head Soup was the 11th British and 13th American studio album from the Rolling Stones. Recorded in Jamaica, the US and UK from November 1972 to May 1973 and released on August 31st 1973.

What year did Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue come out?

1980Emotional Rescue / Released

Where was emotional rescue recorded?

Emotional Rescue
Recorded 22 January – 19 October 1979
Studio Compass Point (Nassau) Pathe Marconi (Paris) Electric Lady (New York City)
Genre Rock disco
Length 41:15

Is Keith Richards a good bassist?

Richards was a talented bass player, as were Taylor and Wood, and all stepped in to cover for Wyman on a number of occasions, with Richards being the most frequent replacement. The differences between Richard and Wyman also extended to their bass playing.

Why did Bill Wyman leave the stones?

Bill Wyman quit the Rolling Stones in December 1992 after more than three decades together. The bassist had reached a point where he wanted to make a change due to his frustration with the band. “Playing with the Stones, there was always such a lot of pressure,” he told the Telegraph in 2008.

Is Goats Head Soup real?

Goathead soup aka mannish water Also called mannish water, this dish is traditionally cooked outside over a wood fire. It gets its name from the fact that it’s prepared by men most of the time and has some “special” benefits, but we think it’s good for everyone.

Did Mick Taylor play Goats Head Soup?

Bass guitarist Bill Wyman only appears on three of the album’s ten tracks, but the rest of the Rolling Stones, lead vocalist Mick Jagger, guitarists Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, and drummer Charlie Watts play on every track, with the exception of “Winter”, which does not feature Richards.

Who sings Emotional Rescue by The Rolling Stones?

The Rolling StonesEmotional Rescue / Artist

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