How many Berthier rifles were made?

How many Berthier rifles were made?


Berthier rifle
Wars World War I Polish-Soviet War Greco-Turkish War Rif War (1920) Spanish Civil War World War II First Indochina War Algerian War
Production history
Designer André Berthier
No. built 2,000,000+

When was the Berthier rifle invented?

March 14, 1890
The Berthier weapons were invented by a French civilian engineer in the Algerian railways, named Emile Berthier, whose first short carbine designed to arm cavalry troops was adopted by the French Army on March 14, 1890.

What rifle did the French use during ww1?

the Lebel rifle
In spite of early obsolete features, such as its tube magazine and the shape of 8mm Lebel rimmed ammunition, the Lebel rifle remained the basic weapon of French infantry during World War I (1914–1918). Altogether, 3.45 million Lebel rifles were produced by the three French state factories between 1887 and 1916.

What was the best British gun of ww2?

Lee-Enfield Rifle No. At the outbreak of war in 1939, the main service rifle of the British military remained the Lee-Enfield, which was first introduced as the Magazine Lee-Enfield in 1895 and saw service in the Anglo-Boer War.

What is a Berthier carbine?

The Berthier design was introduced as a replacement for the various aging Mle 1874 Gras single-shot carbines – still standard for French cavalry, artillery, and gendarme forces even after the introduction of the Mle 1886/M93 Lebel.

Where can I find a French Mousqueton Mle 1892 Berthier Artillery Carbine?

Original French Mousqueton Mle 1892 Berthier Artillery Carbine made at – International Military Antiques Original Item: Only One available.  These are now very unusual to encounter especially those ANTIQUE ones, as this one is made prior to 1899.

How did the Berthier carbine improve the Mle 1886?

While retaining most of the action’s strong points, the Berthier carbine improved on the earlier Mle 1886 rifle by using a one-piece stock and a Mannlicher-style, charger-loaded en bloc 3 shot clip. These Berthier carbines were progressively allocated to all cavalry, artillery and gendarmerie troops during the 1890s.

What’s the difference between a Lebel and Berthier?

 The Berthier design began as the “Mousquetons Berthier” – a series of bolt-action cavalry and artillery carbines with distinctly different actions from the Mle 1886/M93 8mm Lebel rifle. For instance, the Berthier carbine’s bolt lugs lock vertically into the receiver instead of horizontally as in the Lebel rifle.