Is there a dwarf fothergilla?

Is there a dwarf fothergilla?

Slow-growing, Fothergilla gardenii (Dwarf Fothergilla) is a magnificent deciduous shrub that adds long-lasting beauty to the landscape during 3 seasons. In spring, this compact, mounded shrub gets beautifully covered with honey-scented, upright, creamy-white bottlebrush-like flowers, 1-2 in.

How big does a dwarf fothergilla get?

2 to 3 ft. tall
Slow growing; reaches 2 to 3 ft. tall, 3 to 4 ft. wide, or wider. Plant this lovely native in shade gardens or in wooded settings where its rangy character and white flower spikes are appreciated.

What is the smallest Fothergilla?

Fothergilla is a Southeastern United States native and Fothergilla x intermedia with its smaller stature can easily be tucked into any sized sunny garden….Details.

Type: Shrubs
Zones: 5-9 Find Your Zone
Soil Condition: Normal, Acidic
Flower: White
Accent: White

How do you grow dwarf fothergilla?

Soil preparation is the most important part of planting any shrub. Dwarf fothergilla performs best in soil that is slightly acidic, with a pH value from 5.0 to 6.0, though it is adaptable to neutral to slightly alkaline soil if planted in partial to full shade.

Is Fothergilla slow growing?

The Fothergilla gardenii plant is a slow growing shrub.

Does Fothergilla lose its leaves?

In summer, it is an attractive, well-mannered shrub bearing dark green to bluish-green leaves. After it eventually sheds its fall foliage, the shrub continues to be of interest in winter with its zigzag branching and light-brown bark.

What can I plant with dwarf fothergilla?

Dwarf fothergilla is a fine companion for shrubs such as Rhododendron periclymenoides, Leucothoe axillaris, Clethra alnifolia, Vaccinium angustifolium, and perennials such as Phlox stolonifera.

Will fothergilla grow in shade?

Fothergilla thrives in filtered shade to full sun in USDA zones 5-8, but the best fall color is produced in full sun. It prefers moist, acidic, well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter added. Acid soil is a must.

Will Fothergilla grow in shade?

Does fothergilla lose its leaves?

How fast does fothergilla grow?

Fothergilla seeds are somewhat difficult to germinate and may take 9 to 15 months to germinate, depending upon the species. Softwood cuttings, or cuttings from suckers or root pieces, are relatively easy to root and produce new plants.

Do you cut back Fothergilla in the fall?

Only prune in late spring after it flowers. Crossing, badly formed or damaged branches should be removed back to a main branch. This plant grows and develops best in acidic soil.

How much sun does a Fothergilla need?

Fothergillas prefer to be in the sun at all times, but they can thrive in just a little bit of shade. They need a medium-grade soil with a 5.0-6.0 pH and plenty of organic matter. Although they like moist soil, these shrubs do not do well in soggy locations where their feet get wet.

How fast does Fothergilla grow?