What are slots in CAT?

What are slots in CAT?

The CAT exam will take place in 3 slots. The CAT slots are – Slot 1 – Morning, Slot 2 – Afternoon and Slot 3 – Evening, the details of which are mentioned below. Candidates appearing for CAT 2022 must note and be very clear about the CAT Exam timings & slots.

Which slot is toughest in CAT?

CAT Exam Paper Analysis 2020

Slots CAT Analysis 2020
CAT Exam Slot 2 Analysis Moderately-Difficult DILR Section – Most Difficult VARC Section- Moderate QA Section- Moderate (tougher than 2019)
CAT Exam Slot 3 Analysis Moderately-Difficult DILR Section- Toughest VARC Section- Difficult QA Section- Moderate

Which Slot is best for CAT exam?

It remained the same as CAT Slot 1 and CAT Slot 2 i.e. 66 which means VARC – 24, DILR – 20, QA – 22….Last year CAT exam analysis (Slot 3)

Area/Q Type No of Questions LOD
Arithmetic 10 Easy to medium
Algebra 4 Medium to difficult
Geometry 4 Medium
Modern Maths 5 Medium

Which slot of CAT 2021 is tougher?

Overall, the consensus is that the difficulty level of the CAT 2021 exam was similar to that of CAT 2020. Based on feedback from students, the VARC section emerged as the toughest of the lot, though the level of difficulty of all three sections varied slightly across slots.

Which slot was the most difficult in CAT 2021?

CAT 2021 Exam Slot 3 Analysis The difficulty level of CAT VARC was moderate to difficult with RC’s making up more than VA section. CAT DILR was rated difficult by slot 3 candidates. Like slot 1 and 2, in slot 3 of CAT DILR, 2 DI sets with 6 questions each and 2 LR with 4 questions each were asked in slot 3 also.

Which section is easiest in CAT?

CAT 2017 Exam Analysis

Section No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension 34 Easy-moderate
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 32 Difficult
Quantitative Ability 34 Easy-Moderate
Total 100

Can I skip geometry in CAT?

CAT Geometry Preparation should be done iteratively. It is a fun topic and I would strongly advise against skipping it.

Is Quant tough in CAT?

For most candidates, Quantitative Aptitude is probably the most challenging section to crack in the CAT. There are a lot of common CAT Quant traps that occur that must be avoided and identified from the initial preparation stages.

Are CAT quants easy?

This should tell you that not all CAT Quant questions are very difficult. The most important ingredient of a good performance in the Quant section is Clarity in Concepts. Clarity comes out of an effort to understand the basics and then to apply them in a large number of problem solving situations.

Can a weak maths student crack CAT?

It is a myth that those weak in Maths cannot score well in CAT. It is a genuine query of roughly 40 per cent of the test takers who have weak mathematics background whether what chances do they hold to get success in CAT.

In which year CAT paper was difficult?

November 15: CAT 2019 was conducted on November 14. The overall difficulty level of the exam was Moderate with some parts being on the Difficult side….CAT Last 10 Years Question Paper Analysis (2011 – 2019)

Year Exam Analysis
CAT 2016 CAT 2016 Question Paper Analysis
CAT 2015 CAT 2015 Question Paper Analysis

Why is quants so difficult?

The reason people find it difficult is a clear lack of practice. Stopping and looking at the solution of every sum is fine. That’s how anyone begins with. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn (Not to say that you make mistakes if you can avoid one!).

What makes CAT difficult?

CAT is tough because it poses difficult questions, usually requiring an application of mind. The questions require the aspirants to be thorough in their knowledge of the fundamentals and know where to apply what.

Which is more difficult NEET or CAT?

neet tests basically your knowledge and cat is the test for aptitude. so, if we see cat exam.is considered tougher than neet. Only 1500 candidates out of 2 lakh people get into the IIMs every year. That makes it one of the toughest entrance exams in India , so cat is considered tougher.

Is Quant difficult in CAT?

How many questions are there in cat 2021 second slot?

The second slot of CAT 2021 took place between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. When compared with CAT 2020, total of 10 questions were reduced in CAT 2021; 2 VA, 4 DILR and 4 QA.

What is the difficulty level of cat DILR 2021 slot 2?

CAT QA section had questions from topics- Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra. CAT VARC section had 4 RC passages of easy to moderate difficulty level. CAT DILR had 20 questions comprising graphs, charts, and caselets. The difficulty level of CAT DILR 2021 slot 2 paper was moderate. CAT 2021 Slot 3 has been conducted from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

What is cat 2018 Slot-2 exam analysis?

The CAT 2018 slot 2 exam remained on similar pattern as that of Slot-1 exam except that DILR and Quant were reported on slightly higher difficulty level. Here is the detailed CAT 2018 Slot-2 exam Analysis. While there was no surprise element in the test structure of CAT 2018 Exam Slot-2, it had a few changes as compared to slot-1 exam.

What are the differences between Cat 2019 Slot 1 and Slot 2?

Slot 2 difficulty level was almost similar to Slot 1, with minor additional tricky questions in the DILR section of the CAT 2019. The Reading and Verbal Ability was once again the surprising element of the paper with the difficulty level of the language raising quite a few eyebrows.