What does it mean you Cannot reply to this conversation on Facebook?

What does it mean you Cannot reply to this conversation on Facebook?

If you see an error message saying “You can’t reply to this conversation,” it might be because: A message or something you shared goes against our Community Standards. You recently sent an unusual number of messages, which may seem like spam to our security system. Messages you sent were marked as unwelcome.

Why can’t I Unsend my Facebook messages?

Messages can only be unsent for the first 10 minutes after they’re delivered so that you can correct a mistake or remove something you accidentally pushed, but you won’t be able to edit ancient history. Formally known as “Remove for Everyone,” the button also leaves a “tombstone” indicating a message was retracted.

Why can’t I reply to a specific message or conversation in Messenger?

If it still doesn’t work, reasons why include: The person you’re trying to message deactivated or deleted their account. You’ve blocked the person you’re trying to message or they’ve blocked you. You’re trying to respond to a group conversation that the other members of the conversation have already left.

How long is a temporary block on Facebook Messenger?

Duration of a Temporary Block The length of a temporary block by Facebook depends on the severity of the violation and the user’s history on Facebook. It has been observed that a temporary block may last as little as a few hours, but could also last up to 30 days.

Why can’t I remove messages for everyone in Messenger?

There are two reasons why there is no remove for everyone option in Messenger. The first reason is that Facebook doesn’t want to take away your ability to block someone. If you block someone, they will not be able to contact you and the only way they can contact you again is if you unblock them.

How do I Unsend a message on Facebook after 10 minutes?

Step 1- Go to the Facebook conversation you would like to delete from both sides after 10 minutes.

  1. Step 2- Click on the Action gear icon & choose the option Report Spam or Abuse from the pop-up menu that appears.
  2. Step 3- You can either choose the option.
  3. Step 4- Click the Continue button to proceed!

Why are my messages failing to send on Messenger?

If your phone is having network-related issues, then Facebook Messenger won’t send messages. You can reset network settings on your phone and try your luck again. Open the Settings app on your phone and search for Reset Network settings. Select it from the search results and reset network settings on your phone.

Why am I temporarily blocked from sending messages?

Reasons for a Temporary Block Something the person posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to Facebook’s security systems. The person’s messages or friend requests were marked unwelcome. The person did something that doesn’t follow Facebook’s Community Standards.

How do I get rid of Messenger ban?

Here is how to remove someone from the Messenger block list: Android

  1. Launch the Messenger app on your phone.
  2. From Chats, tap on your profile picture in the top left.
  3. In the menu, tap on Privacy.
  4. Then tap on People > Blocked people.
  5. Tap on Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock.

Why is delete for everyone not working?

Received Messages The Delete for everyone feature works for the sent messages only. Meaning, you can only unsend messages that you have sent and not for somebody else. For instance, if you are a group admin and someone sends an inappropriate message, you cannot delete it using the Delete for everyone feature.

How do you delete a message on Facebook Messenger after 10 minutes?

Long-press on a message sent within the last 10 minutes. Along the bottom of the screen will be a new Remove option; select it. A prompt will ask if you want to Remove for everyone or Remove for you.

Why can’t I remove message for everyone on Messenger?

If you select Unsend for Everyone, people included in the chat won’t be able to see the unsent message. From Chats, open a Messenger conversation. Tap and hold the message you’d like to unsend and select Unsend. Tap Unsend for You or Unsend for Everyone.

What does it mean when a message failed to send?

At this stage, your text message has not reached the customer yet but has reached the server that delivers it to the customer. Losing internet connection during this time will cause the text message to fail to reach the intended phone user and may result in a “failed to send” notification.