What is the purpose of Chapter 8 in Into the Wild?

What is the purpose of Chapter 8 in Into the Wild?

In Chapter 8 of Into the Wild, author Jon Krakauer tells us about the influx of mail he received from readers after his initial story about Chris McCandless was published in Outside magazine. Many readers were incensed that Chris’s story was getting so much press.

What is Krakauer’s purpose in Chapter 8?

By establishing his familiarity with the history of American outdoorsmen and thrill seekers, Krakauer underlines his own authority and sets himself up to refute McCandless’s detractors.

What is the purpose of this epigraph in what ways does it provide context for chapter 2 the Stampede Trail?

The epigraph sets the tone for the grim ending to Chris’s adventure into the wild that we’ll hear about in the coming chapter.

How does Krakauer defend Chris McCandless?

Krakauer reflects that McCandless must not have wanted to know about nearby traces of civilization. He brought no map with him, which also prevented him from knowing that he could have crossed the Teklanika at another point only a few hours’ walk from his original crossing point.

Was Mr Franz real?

Russell Fritz, the real name of Ron Franz, was a retired old man who befriended Chris. Chris wrote Ron a letter saying that he should get out of Salton City to go pick up hitchhikers. He also told him not to go to any motels, cook on your own, & spend as little money as possible. That was Chris’s philosophy of living.

What was the purpose of the letter to Ron Franz?

Chris’s letter to Ron Franz espouses a number of philosophies that Chris believes in. The first part of Chris’s philosophy is to do things boldly that one may not have thought of doing previously. He also encourages people to change their situation so they can be happier in life.

Why did Krakauer’s tent catch fire?

Summary: Chapter 15 Krakauer remains in his tent for several days because of foul weather. After three days, he gets so restless that he smokes his only marijuana cigarette, which makes him hungry. He lights his stove to make oatmeal and accidentally sets his tent on fire.

Was McCandless a hero?

These are their answers: “The dictionary’s definition of a hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Chris McCandless fits this definition perfectly. Ability he did not lack, and he had an abundance of courage with anything he tried.

Who wanted to adopt Chris McCandless?

Ronald A. Franz
An 81-year-old man whom Mr. Krakauer calls Ronald A. Franz loved McCandless so much he begged to adopt him as a grandson. ”We’ll talk about it when I get back from Alaska, Ron,” McCandless replied.