What is the virus called in Contagion?

What is the virus called in Contagion?

Nipah virus inspired the film “Contagion.” We’re testing a vaccine. Nipah virus has pandemic and bioterrorism potential. A vaccine candidate is undergoing Phase 1 trial. In an interconnected world, viruses aren’t limited by borders.

What was the #1 movie 2011?

Domestic Box Office For 2011

Rank Release Gross
1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 $381,011,219
2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon $352,390,543
3 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 $274,841,954
4 The Hangover Part II $254,464,305

What happened on April 8th 2010?

2010 Kyrgyzstan riots: 100 people die in anti-government protests in Kyrgyzstan, according to opposition activist Toktoim Umetalieva. (Arab News) The Kyrgyzstan government is ousted as the result of the popular revolt.

How many films were made in 2011 in the UK?

(July 2011) 2011 saw the death of Elizabeth Taylor. 2011 also saw the death of director Ken Russell. The British film industry produced over four hundred feature films in 2011. This article fully lists all non-pornographic films, including short films, that had a release date in that year and which were at least partly made by the United Kingdom.

What were the best films of 2011?

In a strong year for arthouse cinema, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life is the clear winner of the S&S poll of international critics’ best films of 2011.

How many Academy Awards were there in 2011?

The 83rd Academy Awards honoring the best films of 2010 were held on 27 February 2011. The 64th British Academy Film Awards were held on 13 February 2011. The 16th Critics’ Choice Awards were held on 14 January 2011. The 68th Golden Globe Awards were held on 16 January 2011.