How do I submit to chive?

How do I submit to chive?

You may submit pictures, videos, texts, comments, or other works, materials, or content (your “Submissions”) to Chive Media Group, LLC (“The Chive,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) by posting and/or uploading the Submission using the hashtag #ChiveIt or other The Chive brand hashtags, by tagging our social media accounts with …

Does chive pay for photos?

For years, it has been the Chivers’ submissions that have helped separate theCHIVE from the internet echo chamber. From the original funny photos to our Chivettes, your contributions to the fabric of theCHIVE are not lost on us. Today, we’re paying you back, literally.

How do you get featured on theCHIVE?

It’s as simple as signing up, making your profile and posting pics or gifs that you find interesting. Then browse around. Join our amazing, hilarious community of misfits and hot chicks. Upvote and downvote.

Is chive still a thing?

The Chive (styled theCHIVE) is a website owned and operated by Resignation, LLC….The Chive.

Type of site photoblog and entertainment website
Launched 2008
Current status Online

What do you get with a chive membership?

Membership: Readers who are both logged into theCHIVE and have subscribed can enjoy an ADS FREE experience on the web, with or without ad blockers. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy theCHIVE’s app without ads when we roll out that update in a few weeks.

Has theCHIVE been hacked?

We have been hacked by some no-talent virgin terrorist and we are working at restoring the app as soon as possible. Please be patient and visit the actual website, for all the inglorious shenanigans. Crashing across multiple devices.

What is Kcco chive Mean?

KCCO is a youthful and contemporary way to say, “Don’t stress too much about life; just enjoy it.” When you see the expression, it’s supposed to invoke a good feeling. For example, if you’re having a hard time at work, just keep calm and chive on. Remain at ease, but keep pushing through.

What happened to chive app on Iphone?

The Old Chive is gone… and it’s sad. Changes and updates to the app made some versions tough, but the Chive always redeemed themselves with fixes and better content. Until now. Every update is greeted with more ads, more merchandising, and so many more crashes… all with less true Chive content.

Who owns The Chive?

Leo Resig
Leo Resig is the co-owner and CEO of Resignation Media, LLC, the parent company of The Chive,,, and He started the flagship site, theCHIVE in November 2008 with his brother John Resig.