How much does a stent cost in India?

How much does a stent cost in India?

In comparison, the prices of drug eluting stents now range between ₹40,000 and ₹1.98 lakh. Similarly, bare metal stents cost patients between ₹30,000 and ₹75,000 on an average.

Which company stent is best in India?

The leading Indian stent manufacturers are Sahajanand Medical Technologies (SMT), Merril and Translumina, while there are many MNC stent makers like Abbott, Medtronic, Umbra Medical Products, B Braun Medical etc. They are also growing at a fast pace in the more competitive western markets.

Which cardiac stent is the best?

Multi-Link Vision™ has been the leading BMS in the U.S. since its introduction. It is constructed of a cobalt-chromium alloy that is more radiopaque than stainless steel stents. This alloy is also stronger than stainless steel, which allows stent construction to be much thinner while still retaining its strength.

What is price of Xience Xpedition cardiac stent?

Stent Abbott Xience Xpedition 2.75mm X 33Mm, For Hospital, Rs 27000 | ID: 24926782955.

Can stents last forever?

How long will a stent last? It is permanent. There is just a 2–3 per cent risk of narrowing coming back, and if that happens it is usually within 6–9 months.

What is Xience stent made of?

Each system consists of a cobalt chromium alloy metal stent and a catheter delivery system. The stent is coated with the drug everolimus and a polymer (PBMA and PVDF-HFP) coating to help deliver the drug at a controlled rate. This approval expands the indications for use to include patients at high risk for bleeding.

Who makes Xience stent?

ABBOTT PARK, Ill., June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Abbott (NYSE: ABT) today announced its XIENCE family of stents has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for one-month (as short as 28 days) DAPT labeling for high bleeding risk (HBR) patients in the U.S. In addition, XIENCE stents recently received …

What is xience stent?

The XIENCE family of Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent Systems (XIENCE Alpine EECSS, XIENCE Sierra EECSS, XIENCE Skypoint EECSS) is intended to treat a narrowed blood vessel (coronary artery) caused by coronary artery disease. Each system consists of a cobalt chromium alloy metal stent and a catheter delivery system.

How long does a Xience V stent last?

Implanted in over 15 million patients and studied in 120+ clinical trials,* XIENCE™ Stent provides consistent long-term safety data beyond 10 years.

Can I lead a normal life after stent?

After you have undergone a stenting procedure, you should not become care-free and let your lifestyle affect your health. A heart patient should be extremely cautious with his/her diet and by making some simple lifestyle changes, they can lead a normal life after stenting without suffering a heart attack.

Who is the manufacturer of stent in India?

Stent Price List w.e.f 1st April 2019 S.No. Manufacturer/ Vendor Stent name 1 Abbott Healthcare Private Limited Xience Xpedition 2 Boston Scientific India Ltd Promous Premier 3 Boston Scientific India Ltd Promus Elite 4 India Medtronic Pvt Limited Onyx

What is the price of a stent with GST?


What company is involved in offering Xience V stent?

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How much does a Promus stent cost?

Stent pricing SYNERGY 31,584.00 PROMUS PREMIER 31,584.00 PROMUS ELEMENT PLUS 23,625.00 PROMUS ELEMENT 14,994.00