What is Qayamat drama?

What is Qayamat drama?

“Qayamat is a story of a young and beautiful girl whose life decisions are dominated by those around her. Eventually, all hell breaks loose when the people closest to her repeatedly make the same mistake making her future bleak.

What is the ending of Qayamat drama?

Drama serial Qayamat came to an intense ending last night after Rashid almost succumbs to his injuries and takes his sweet time reflecting on his wrong doings. With things finally settling down for Ifrah and Rashid, the drama came to a bittersweet ending with Ifrah choosing to stay with Rashid.

How many episodes will there be of Qayamat?

21 weeks and (47 episodes later), the drama serial Qayamat has finally come to an end.

Who is Amar Khan Mother?

Fariha JabeenAmar Khan / Mother

How old is Amar Khan Pakistani?

Amar Khan Age She was born on 19 September 1989 in Lahore, Pakistan. And as of 2021, She is 32 years old.

Who is the wife of Ahsan Khan?

Fatima KhanAhsan Khan / Wife

How old is Imran Ashraf?

32 years (September 11, 1989)Imran Ashraf / Age

Who are the actors in Qayamat?

Qayamat is a Pakistani drama serial that is going to air in 2021 on the Pakistani drama channel GEO TV. It stars Neelam Muneer, Haroon Shahid, and Ahsan Khan in the leading roles. It has love and an emotional story. If you are looking for Qayamat drama actors names, timings, on-air days, photos, and OST title song then you can find these here.

Is Qayamat the most anticipated drama of this year?

Coming to Geo TV very soon, the new drama serial Qayamat is ready to wow the general audience. Coming with a star-studded cast that will wow you with their incredible talent, this new drama series is one of the most anticipated dramas of this year.

Is Qayamat going to be a great addition to Geo TV?

The audience is hopeful that this is going to be a great new addition to the drama series already being aired on Geo TV. New drama serial Qayamat is expected to air on 1st January, 2020.

What is the story of Kayamath?

Kayamath: With Sanjeeda Sheikh, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Panchi Bora, Jay Bhanushali. The story centers around Praachi – a simple girl with dreams in her eyes. Praachi draws her strength from her father Inder Goenka . Praachi’s life is completely transformed when her father dies. Circumstances change her life. Menu Movies