What is the lightest hardwood flooring?

What is the lightest hardwood flooring?

Maple — The lightest of light hardwoods, maple boasts smooth graining, a more expensive price tag, and both soft and hard varieties.

Are light hardwood floors out of style?

Both light colors and wider planks have been the hardwood styles of choice with designers and architects for years, however 2020 forecasters predict that this will be THE hot look in flooring for consumers.

Are light wood floors popular?

Lighter woods and whitewashed flooring has become an increasingly popular hardwood flooring trend due to the clean and modern looks that can be achieved. Another advantage is that a light stain enhances the beauty of the natural wood while making the flooring color more consistent throughout.

Which hardwood is lightest in color?

Maple is generally the lightest hardwood (in terms of color). The graining is very smooth and gives a modern chic look. You will often find this wood in Scandinavian furniture and homes.

Which floors are light in weight?

Weight wise, bamboo and cork are both fairly light, glue down cork being the lightest flooring choice that fits the eco-friendly side of flooring.

Do light floors make a room look bigger?

Light color flooring tends to brighten up a space and make it feel larger. Bright and creamy floor tones can help modernize a small room, adding an element of airiness. Be sure to snag as much natural light as you can or install warm artificial lights to make your small space as attractive and inviting as possible.

What is a type of wood that is very light in color?

Ash is a very light wood when it comes to color. If you’re looking for a hardwood that’s close to a peach or light tan color, this is a great choice. The coloration of birch wood lies somewhere in between ash and oak. The sapwood is very light, but it’s accompanied by darker reddish hardwood.

What wood is lighter than oak?

Ash. Ash is another light wood and graining looks similar to oak. It’s less popular than oak. It’s not quite as hard as oak, but it is a touch lighter.

What hardwoods are light color?

Light colored hardwood species used in flooring include:

  • White Oak.
  • Maple.
  • Red Oak.
  • Hickory.

What kind of wood is white hardwood?

Technically speaking, whitewood actually refers to wood that comes from the tulip tree. Some people may know it by other colloquial names such as the American tulip tree, tulip poplar, fiddle-tree, or yellow poplar. This tree is also known as liriodendron tulipifera.