What is the meaning of word free spirit?

What is the meaning of word free spirit?

Definition of free spirit : a person who thinks and acts in an uninhibited way without worrying about normal social rules : nonconformist Their daughter is a real free spirit. Von der Becke thinks of himself now as a free spirit: a sort of drug-free, hard-working hippie.—

How do you say poetry in Punjabi?


  1. ਕਵਿਤਾ(f)
  2. ਕਾਵਿ(m)

What does sohni mean in Punjabi?

Soni is Sikh/Punjabi Boy name and meaning of this name is “Gold; Pretty; Beautiful”.

What’s another word for free-spirited?

What is another word for free spirited?

emancipated liberated
free independent
unconstrained free-spirited
released uninhibited
unrepressed free and easy

What is an example of free spirit?

A free spirit is one who is independent and uninhibited. They march to the beat of their own drum and don’t always play by the rules. You often see children who are free-spirited — able to embrace life fully and be themselves without shame or embarrassment.

What do we call poetess in Punjabi?

ਉਪਰ a woman poet / A female poet., Usage.

Where was Sonia meaning in Punjabi?

4. Sonia is Sikh/Punjabi Girl name and meaning of this name is “Beautiful, Pretty, Wise, Wisdom”.

What does Sonni mean in Urdu?

مسلمانوں کا ایک فرقہ Origin of Sunni Arabic sunnī (adjective), from sunna ‘custom, tradition, rule, law’ (see Sunna) + -i.

What is a spirited person?

adjective. A spirited person is very active, lively, and confident. He was by nature a spirited little boy. More Synonyms of spirited.

What’s another word for free spirited?

Who is the greatest poet of Punjabi?

Among the more important Punjabi poets are Bhai Vir Singh in the 19th century and Puran Singh, Dhani Ram Chatrik, Amrita Pritam, and Baba Balwanta in the 20th century. Other noteworthy modern poets are Mohan Singh and Shiv Kumar Batalvi.

What does Soniya mean in Urdu?

Sonia name meaning is “wise” or”sensible”. Sonia name meaning in Urdu is “عقل مند، دانائی کی مالک”. Many people with the name Sonia has earned fame all around the world.

What is the best way to express love in Punjabi?

Punjabi is the most amazing language one can express their love in, and shayaris is the best way to do so, and combining both gives you the best result of Of romantic Punjabi Shayari as this. So go through the incredible feeling of love, keep loving keep enjoying.

What is the best way to express a soulmate in Punjabi?

A soulmate is a fortunate gift from *** and the best way to express it to your partner is through Shayari. Shayari are small poems with phonetic effects and rhyming words. And talking about Punjabi shayaris, these are the most romantic and sentimental to express your love.

Which is the most emotional Punjabi shayari?

This Shayari is the most emotional romantic Punjabi Shayari. 13. Krta pyar tenu sachi Dil to na pyar Mera farzi hai Me dil vali gal tere aage rakdi ni baki Teri mrzi hai. Another romantic Punjabi poetry is this which means I loved you to the fullest my love is not fake I keep all my heart talking in front of you now it’s your choice.

What is the theme of the story shayari?

The theme of the Shayari describes that a person admires someones and cares about him. He cares more than anything. He cares for her, Maybe not the way she wanted him to. But he does care for her a lot. Then there is no connection with the destination of those who share the path of love.