What is the Girl Scout Cookie Rally?

What is the Girl Scout Cookie Rally?

A Cookie Rally highlights and promotes the Girl Scout Cookie Program. A typical rally has girls engaging in different activities designed to help them learn how to play an active and age appropriate role in selling cookies (Or, as we like to call it, managing their Cookie business!)

What are fun patches for Girl Scouts?

What Are Fun Patches? Patches are a way for girls to express their interests or share an activity that they participated in with their troop or on their own. For instance a troop might challenge themselves and go on a night hike together and earn The Night Hike Patch.

How do you get Girl Scout patches?

If you’re just looking to get your troop started, you’ll need to visit the Girl Scout store. This is the only resource you can use to get your troop up and running. They offer discounted patches from time to time, and if you plan ahead, you can get patches on sale for next year.

Where does the cookie rally patch go?

Answer: The Cookie Rally patch is a fun patch that goes on the back of the vest or sash, There is a Speak Up fun patch as well as a Raise Your Hand patch that also goes anywhere on the back of the vest or sash.

What is the difference between a Girl Scout patch and badge?

Badges are awards girls earn by completing skill-building activities. There are level-appropriate badges in each Journey book and Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Patches are given to Girl Scouts for participating in fun events, activities or other programs.

How many Girl Scout cookies do you have to sell to get a patch?

Girl Rewards Girls who send 15 emails through M2 and create an avatar during Fall Product, and sell 240+ boxes of cookies will earn a Personalized Patch.

How do you put on Girl Scout patches without sewing?

An much easier way to attach girl scout patches is a simple tube of fabric glue! The trick is scratching the back of the patches with scissors to created a surface the patches can stick to (sandpaper works too). Just make sure you peel off any backing first…. I learned that lesson the hard way as well!

What is the Girl Scout Cookie rally?

It’s an event or virtual experience to “rally” Girl Scouts so they can launch their Cookie Business into a bright future! While the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great fundraiser and helps many girls do amazing things, we know that it can and should go beyond “just” a fundraiser.

Do I need an official cookie Rally kit to participate?

Please note: Cookie Rally kits are only available for Girl Scouts who registered to attend the virtual or an in-person rally by December 15. However, you don’t need an official Cookie Rally kit to participate in the fun! Below is a list of our 2022 Cookie Rally activities.

What’s new for Girl Scouts of Colorado this year?

This year, Girl Scouts of Colorado has TWO NEW patches, and two returning patches, that Girl Scouts can earn in recognition of the many ways in which they are cookie entrepreneurs! People are so EXCITED to buy Girl Scout cookies!

What is a Girl Scout cookie business badge?

When Girl Scouts places a badge or a pin on their vest or sash, it symbolizes an important achievement. Here’s your chance to let the world know you’re an awesome Girl Scout Cookie® entrepreneur. Cookie Business badges demonstrate that Girl Scouts have developed specific skills while running their own business.