What is the Umler system?

What is the Umler system?

The Umler system is a powerful and dynamic tool for tracking the physical characteristics, transportation management and pool assignments of virtually every piece of rail equipment in North America. Umler is also the base file for Industry Reference Files (IRFs) and industry equipment accounting files.

What is Umler data?

Umler® is the source of critical data for more than two million pieces of North American rail, steamship, and highway equipment. The Umler system provides secure access for equipment management and reporting tools, helping equipment owners provide high-quality data to logistics partners and customers.

What is TILX train?

TIBR – Timber Rock Railroad. TILX – Trinity Industries Leasing.

Is railinc a public company?

Railinc Corporation (pronounced “rail-link”) provides rail data and messaging services to the North American freight railway industry. Railinc is a for-profit subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads….Railinc Corporation.

Industry Software as a service Rail data as a service
Website http://www.railinc.com

Does Caterpillar own progress rail?

COMPANY HISTORY Steel Processing was acquired by Electric Fuels Corporation, combined with Corbin Railway Service Company and renamed to Progress Rail Services Corporation. In 2006, the company was acquired by Caterpillar Inc.

Who owns Progressive rail?

Progress Rail Services Corporation (reporting mark PRLX), a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar since 2006, is a supplier of railroad and transit system products and services headquartered in Albertville, Alabama.

Who makes Union Pacific locomotives?

The locomotives will be acquired from Progress Rail, a Caterpillar company, and Wabtec Corporation (NYSE:WAB), two companies at the forefront of locomotive innovation, and will be the world’s largest carrier-owned battery-electric locomotive fleet in freight service.

Does Caterpillar own Progress Rail?

What is Railinc’s Umler system?

Rail Insider-New UMLER system will enable car owners to communicate more clearly and quickly, Railinc says. Information For Rail Career Professionals From Progressive Railroading Magazine An event that promises to have a far-reaching impact on the rail industry is set to occur by month’s end.

What is Umler and how does it work?

With the rewrite of the system which went live in August 2006, the acronym was retired, but the system is still know as Umler. Cars are registered in the system to facilitate car movement and way billing by the railroads. No longer do Railroads have enough people to track the car by hand, they are using technology to assist them.

How do I view the Umler transportation condition code for equipment?

= Umler Transportation Condition Code To view details for a particular equipment, select its Equipment ID link. The Display Unit Lookup Result page is displayed (refer to Exhibit 16 Select Cancel on the detail page to return to the query results. To take actions for listed equipment, refer to

Can Umler/EMIS be re-engineered?

“Users can’t put all the data they want into the system and the industry is clamoring for more information,” he says. The first major re-engineering of UMLER, Umler/EMIS will be a more flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use Web-based application, says McDonald.