What size is my woodruff key?

What size is my woodruff key?

How are woodruff keys measured? Woodruff keys, identifiable by their half-moon shape, are measured two ways depending on if it is an imperial or metric key. Imperial woodruff keys are measured by their width and diameter, whereas metric woodruff keys are measured by their width and height.

Are all Woodruff keys the same?

The two most common types are full radius woodruff keys and flat bottom woodruff keys. Both function the same, but may be appropriate for different applications. It is important to note that both radius and flat bottom woodruff keys are standard and either is shipped at the manufacturer’s discretion.

What size is a 304 woodruff key?

Keyseat Dimensions for Woodruff Keys per. ANSI B17. 2

ANSI Key No. Nominal Size Key Above Shaft
303 3⁄32 × 3⁄8 0.0469
403 1⁄8 × 3⁄8 0.0625
204 1⁄16 × 1⁄2 0.0312
304 3⁄32 × 1⁄2 0.0469

How should a woodruff key fit?

It is important for key to be somewhat snug and stable in the key seat. If key is not snug/stable then key can easily slide out of key seat due to the curved profile on the bottom. This is very inconvenient in cases where it is difficult to see as the pulley is installed.

What size is a #9 Woodruff key?

3/16″ x 3/4″ Key No: 9 Woodruff Key.

Which way does a woodruff key go?

If you look at the end of the crankshaft slot you will see it tapers as it gets closer towards the block and the taper is upwards, so the key goes in with the tapered side facing down and the two tapers fit each other tight so the key doesn’t slide too far back.

Which term best describes the shape of a woodruff key?

A woodruff key is a half-moon-shaped machine key that prevents gears, hubs, or other components from moving independently of a rotating shaft or spindle.

What size is a #9 woodruff key?

Why is it called a woodruff key?

Named after the Woodruff Manufacturing Co, in Hartford, Connecticut, who first manufactured it in 1892.

What is Barth key?

Barth key is a modification of rectangular key which has two beveled surfaces. The beveled surface ensures that the key will fit tightly. This key is usually under compression rather than shear.

What are the dimensions of a woodruff key?

WOODRUFF KEY DIMENSIONS ANSI Key No. 202 to 1012 Height Width Diameter Actual Length Full Radius Flat Bottom Distance Key Below Center No. ANSI Key No. Nominal Key Size W x D Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Dec. Frac. 201 202 1/16 x 1/4 0.0625 0.0635 0.240 0.250 0.238 0.248 0.104 0.109 – – 0.016 1/64

How do you press a woodruff key?

Since woodruff keys are made to tight tolerances, they often require a press fit into its seat. This is done by lightly tapping the flat, protruding face of the key with a hammer or mallet until the key is seated firmly.

Why are Woodruff keys so hard to install?

This can make woodruff keys difficult to install. To keep a woodruff key in place while installing a mating component, ensure that it is situated tightly in the key seat. Since woodruff keys are made to tight tolerances, they often require a press fit into its seat.