What was the purpose and function of the Hermannsburg mission?

What was the purpose and function of the Hermannsburg mission?

The mission functioned as a refuge for Aboriginal people during the early pastoral settlement in central Australia.

What was it like living on a Aboriginal mission?

People were separated from their land and their families, and were not allowed to speak their languages, continue their cultural practices or teach them to their children. Little to no background checks were done on the people placed in charge, nor was there much government oversight.

What do they do at the Finke River Mission?

In Alice Springs, the Finke River Mission works in partnership with the Alice Springs Lutheran congregation, ministering to the local Aboriginal people and works with Lutheran Community Care, which provides community training and support programs in Alice Springs and the surrounding communities.

Where was Albert Namatjira born?

Hermannsburg, AustraliaAlbert Namatjira / Place of birth

Is Red Centre Way sealed?

The Red Centre Way journey is recommended to be done over a minimum 6 days via four-wheel drive or spare some extra time to complete the completely sealed 1750 kilometre loop if travelling by two-wheel drive.

Do Aboriginal missions still exist?

Today, most missions have vanished but some still exist, if in different forms. Depending on their governance structure, many have been reclaimed by the inhabitants and are now in their control. Some have become towns in their own right.

Who ran Aboriginal missions?

Missions, reserves and stations were areas where Aboriginal people were placed in after being forcibly removed from their traditional lands. Missions were usually under the control of churches and missionaries while a station or reserve was typically run by the government.

Is Finke River the oldest river?

The Finke River is frequently cited as the oldest river in the world. Its age has been deduced from observation and analysis of various factors in the geology of the area. In places such as the James Range, the Finke flows through deeply incised meanders.

What indigenous land is Alice Springs on?

The Aboriginal Arrernte (pronounced arrunda) people are the traditional custodians of Alice Springs and the surrounding region. Mparntwe (pronounced m’barn-twa) is the Arrernte name of Alice Springs.

Is Kings Canyon to Uluru sealed?

Kings Canyon is located at the very heart of the Red Centre, half way between Uluru and Alice Springs. The major roads are sealed, however alternative routes require 4 wheel drives.

Is the road sealed from Kings Canyon to Hermannsburg?

133km Finke River & Mt Sonder Lookout The sealed road used to finish here, but this part of the Red Centre Way is now sealed all the way to the Hermannsburg/Kings Canyon turn-off.

What is the Aboriginal name for Hermannsburg?

Hermannsburg is an Aboriginal community in Ljirapinta Ward of the MacDonnell Shire in the Northern Territory of Australia, 125 km km west southwest of Alice Springs. Local Aboriginal people call it Ntaria.

Where is Hermannsburg?

Also known locally as Ntaria, Hermannsburg is located 130km west of Alice Springs in the traditional lands of the Western Arrarnta people. The name Hermannsburg came from a town in Germany where the newly arrived Lutheran missionaries of 1877 had been trained.

What is the history of the homelands of Hermannsburg?

Hermannsburg was the German name chosen by the Lutheran pastors who set up the small mission for the Arrernte Aboriginal people here in the 1880s. It’s the birthplace of anthropologist Ted Strehlow, who was initiated into Arrernte customs. The mission land was handed back to its traditional owners in 1982.

When was Hermannsburg handed over to traditional ownership?

The land was handed over to traditional ownership in 1982 under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1976, and the area is now heritage-listed . Hermannsburg lies on the Finke River within the rolling hills of the MacDonnell Ranges in the southern Central Australia region of the Northern Territory.