Which is the best college for Automobile Engineering in Mumbai?

Which is the best college for Automobile Engineering in Mumbai?

VJTI Mumbai – Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute.

  • Amity University, Mumbai.
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Polytechnic, Mumbai.
  • MH Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, Mumbai.
  • Pillai College of Engineering, New Panvel.
  • Agnel Polytechnic, Vashi.
  • Muchhala Polytechnic, Thane.
  • Saraswati College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai.
  • What are the subjects in Automobile Engineering 1st year?

    Automobile Engineering –Syllabus

    Semester I Semester II
    Engineering Thermodynamics Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
    Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
    Automotive Engines Strength of Materials
    Mechanics of Machines Electronics and Microprocessors

    What is the work of automobile?

    Most automobiles are powered by an internal combustion engine. Fuel, usually gasoline or petrol, is burned with air to create gases that expand. A spark plug creates a spark that ignites the gas and makes it burn. This energy moves through cylinders in which pistons slide up and down.

    Can I get Automobile Engineering?

    You can get a bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering by clearing any of the state joint entrance exams. For a master’s degree in Automobile Engineering, you need to clear GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering).

    How can I become a automobile engineer?

    Students who are planning to pursue a degree course in Automobile Engineering must hail from science background (PCM) and should have passed their 10+2 or any equivalent examination from CBSE or a recognized board and must have studied Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics as the main subjects.

    How can I start a career in automobile?

    To achieve a successful career in the automobile industry in India, the candidate must hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering (automobile segment)….This helps to be thorough with the basic concepts of the automobile segment.

    1. Data Science Roles.
    2. Research Roles.
    3. Designing Roles.
    4. Productions Roles.
    5. Quality Control.

    Is automotive easy?

    Automotive Engineering at BEng level is a very challenging degree, like all engineering degrees. It is less challenging at BSc level as there is less maths/physics involved, but you’d find the BEng more rewarding and it will offer better prospects after you graduate.