What does diptyque Baies smell like?

What does diptyque Baies smell like?

One of the brand’s all-time bestselling scents, the Baies candle smells just like an oven-crisped berry compote, with notes of jammy blackcurrant and Bulgarian roses. It comes in two different sizes, in either a clear glass or matte black vessel. Can’t choose just one Diptyque candle?

What notes are in diptyque Baies?

When you spend $130 on Diptyque

  • Description. A bouquet of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian rose blend beautifully to create this exclusive Diptyque candle.
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Which Diptyque perfume is like Baies?

Diptyque L’Ombre dans L’eau
Diptyque L’Ombre dans L’eau is pretty much the exact perfume match of Diptyque Baies.

What is the Baies scent?

The tangy coolness of freshly picked blackcurrant berries. A few black bunches still have their leaves, their green and aromatic scent blending with the lively, flowery accents of rose.

Why is Diptyque famous?

It’s no secret: in the world of high-end candles, Diptyque candles are among the best of the best. These Parisian candles are renowned for their exceptional quality and their beautiful designs. Plus, the manufacturers of Diptyque candles are famous for never having used synthetic fragrances in their products.

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Why is Diptyque so expensive?

The work is done manually, and production can only be done in small batches — hence, the hefty price tag, according to Mauny. “It’s not a simple cooking recipe. It takes a lot of time and adjustment to make sure we create the right wick and wax mix to ensure that the candle will burn in the right way,” she said.