How do you defeat the tank in Uncharted 2?

How do you defeat the tank in Uncharted 2?

Move fast, because as usual, the tank’s weapons will cut you to shreds if you give it even a couple of seconds of exposure. Once you’re back in a safe area, with the tank being blocked by buildings, you can scour the area for more weaponry.

How do you throw the gas tank in Uncharted 2?

Holding down the L2 button will sketch out a throwing arc, identical to the one that appears when throwing a grenades. However, throwing a Propane Tank isn’t enough to explode it; as soon as it is thrown, players can then detonate it by shooting.

Is there a cat in Uncharted?

Exclusive: Uncharted director Ruben Fleischer says Mark Wahlberg was allergic to his character Sully’s cat, Mr. Whiskers, during filming. Actor Mark Wahlberg was quite allergic to his character Sully’s cat in the new Uncharted film.

Is there a cat in uncharted game?

Then, during the mid-credits scene, he tells Nate that he arrived late because he was having trouble getting the cat, who he’s now dubbed Mr. Whiskers, through customs. And when Nate realizes that Sully has the cat with him in a backpack, Sully explains that he takes Mr. Whiskers everywhere.

Is Sam still alive Uncharted?

The first post-credit scene reveals that Nathan’s brother Sam (the face of the actor is not revealed) is not dead but locked up in a prison cell. He has not only survived the shootout (mentioned by Sully) that took place before the events of the film, but has also been sending his brother Nathan postcards.

Is Sully a good guy in Uncharted?

Sully is often seen as both the best friend and father figure of Nathan Drake. He cares about Nate and his loyalty has been tested multiple times throughout the series, however always coming out in his favor.

How do you beat Lazarevic easy?

By luring your enemy into areas with this sap and then detonating the sap by shooting it with a single bullet, you will be able to damage Lazarevic enough that it’s worth your time doing. This is how you’re going to take this guy down.