How much is a new 50 foot catamaran?

How much is a new 50 foot catamaran?

New catamarans cost $751,000 at 50 foot, while a used one ranges from $203,000-$690,000. The average annual cost ranges from $2,805-$10,950.

Who makes Catana catamarans?

About Catana Catamarans Catana Group is a French manufacturer of luxury sailing catamaran cruisers. Catana has been building luxury catamarans since 2001 when it was the Poncin Yachts Group, becoming Catana Group in 2014. Catana offers a range of boats going from 42′ to 70′.

Where are Catana catamarans built?

Canet en Roussillon
The Catana shipyard, created in 1984, is based in France at Canet en Roussillon. The company is the world specialist in fast cruising catamarans with an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and research. Catana produces a range of customised catamarans ranging from 42-90 feet, all designed for world cruising.

Are Bali catamarans good?

Award-Winning Catamarans Bali and Lagoon are more than brands with sound reputations and incredible designs. They both also create award-winning yachts. The industry responded so well to Bali’s sleek design that in 2019, the Bali 5.4 won the Multihull World’s 2019 Multihull of the Year Award.

How much does a leopard 45 cost?

about $580,000
A fitted-out Leopard 45 sells for about $580,000, depending on options and toys.

Is sunreef a good brand?

They are known as reliable luxury cruisers, powerfully responsive expedition boats, and a dream home for liveaboards. Each custom-made yacht is designed down to the last detail for the most discerning of customers and deliver superior comfort, style, and safety.

Where are Catana sailboats made?


Who owns Bali catamaran?

catana group products & services
catana group products & services THE WORLD’S FIRST OPEN SPACE CATAMARANS, BALI Catamarans has opened up experience and top of the range quality to a wider clientele. From 40 to 45 feet, sail and motor yacht, BALI Catamarans offers revolutionary models which herald the future of cruising catamarans.

What is the best multihull catamaran?

At just over 50 feet long and with a beam of nearly 26 feet, the Catana 50 is a big boat, and one that the BOTY judges found to be the best built and most stylish of this year’s fleet of cruising catamarans, earning it the title of Best Cruising Multihull.

What is the difference between the Catana 50 and Catana 471?

The Catana 50, which replaces the 471, moves away from pure performance to a crossover position that marries luxury, practicality, and performance. In deliberations last fall, CW’s BOTY judges said they were impressed by quality construction (although they acknowledged that for $1.15 million, nothing should be lacking).

What makes Catana boats unique?

This is where the company bring together the three elements it holds dear: Performance, Safety and ultimate Comfort, the combination of CATANA values which produces unique boats. For more than 30 years and more than 650 models built.

What happened to Catana yachts?

This builder of performance-oriented cruising catamarans foundered when the fin-de-sicle crash decimated its customer list. But the company reorganized and is again building these swift, dramatically styled yachts in its Catalonian factory. This new 50-footer is very different from the 52-footer Catana was building under the old regime.