What was the most popular baby name in 1940?

What was the most popular baby name in 1940?

Top names of the 1940s

Males Females
Rank Name Name
1 James Mary
2 Robert Linda
3 John Barbara

What names were popular in 1943?

1 Mary James
2 Barbara Robert
3 Patricia John
4 Linda William

What was the most popular girls name in the 1940s?

Top Baby Girl Names of the 1940s Mary was again the most common female name from 1940 to 1949. In total, the top five baby girl names during these years were Mary (42,971 per million), Linda (35,694 per million), Barbara (28,551 per million), Patricia (27,622 per million) and Carol (19,626 per million).

What are some Bogan names?

Best bogan names for girls

  • Brexleigh.
  • Iveigh.
  • Juul.
  • Kardi.
  • Kior.
  • Maevery.
  • Miraccle.
  • Resilia.

What was the most popular girl name in 1940?

What were the most popular girl names in 1945?

1 Mary James
2 Linda Robert
3 Barbara John
4 Patricia William

What is the most popular male name in Australia?

The top 10

Position Boys Girls
1 Oliver Charlotte
2 William Olivia
3 Jack Mia
4 Noah Amelia

What was the most common name in 1930?

Top names of the 1930s

Males Females
Rank Name Name
1 Robert Mary
2 James Betty
3 John Barbara

What were the top 10 baby names in the 1940s?

It rocketed from #89 during the 1930s up to the second spot in the 1940s. Other girls names that jumped up into the top 10 include Carol, Sandra, Sharon, Judith, and Susan. On the boys’ side, the biggest jump into the top 10 1940s boy names was the classic name Michael (#9).

What were people’s favourite baby names in WW2?

People’s favourite names were Marigold, Cosette and Rilla, and their least favourite were Unity, Dymphna and Bunty. (Photo shows Australian author Dymphna Cusack in 1945: her play Red Sky At Morning was one of few produced during the war years, and was made into film in 1944)

Is Albert a good name for a baby?

Albert has acquired a new gloss as one of the top royal baby boy names, a serious upgrade from its serious, studious image (think Einstein, Schweitzer). Albert remained popular for 80 years, and though it’s far less fashionable today, it’s still a widely used choice.

Which baby names have dropped the farthest in popularity?

The names that have dropped the farthest in popularity include Phyllis, Gail, Peggy, and Cheryl. Many of the names from this decade are classics that were revived for the first generation of post-World War II babies, the oldest Baby Boomers.