Who is Sakura in Kyokai no Rinne?

Who is Sakura in Kyokai no Rinne?

Mamiya Sakura?) is the deuteragonist of Kyōkai no Rinne. She has the ability to see ghosts and helps the title character Rinne Rokudō with his job of passing spirits on to the afterlife. Sakura has dark olive brown hair tied into two braids and is of average height for a Japanese female.

Do Sakura and Rinne get along with Tamako?

While the rich Shinigami causes some tension between Sakura and Rinne, Sakura doesn’t show much animosity toward the girl, although she’d upbraid her for being irresponsible. Though Tamako doesn’t always appear, it seems she and Sakura get along well enough to where Tamako felt comfortable enough to lie that Sakura was dating Rinne.

Why is Rika and Rokumon with Sakura?

Rika is just as much of a scaredy cat as Miho and also runs off when she sees anything ghost related, leaving Sakura unafraid behind. Rokumon is respectful to Sakura and he sees her as Rinne’s girl. If Rokumon isn’t with Rinne, he’s most likely following Sakura around.

Is Sakura like Kasumi from Ranma ½?

Her behavior is also similar to Kasumi from Ranma ½. To date, Sakura is the most calm and laid-back of Rumiko Takahashi ‘s female protagonists, even more so than Kagome. While she doesn’t hesitate to scold Rinne at times, she is a lot less prone to angry bursts of rage or violence.

Who is Rinne in Kyokai no Rinne?

Rokudō Rinne?) is the main protagonist and title character of Kyōkai no Rinne. He is part human and part Shinigami but describes himself as a “sort of” Shinigami. He is classmates with the deuteragonist Sakura Mamiya and works with her to guide spirits to the otherworld.

Why does Sakura pretend to be Rinne’s girlfriend?

When Rinne grows tired of the constant attention of an old friend named Matsugo, as he invites him to a High School Shinigami mixer, Rokumon gets the idea to ask Sakura to come posing as Rinne’s girlfriend, in hopes of convincing Matsugo to stop being such a pest, to which she agrees.

Why did Sakura get invited to Rinne’s Secret Tour?

As their money would appear as the leaves of the Tree of Sin, it led Sakura to almost suspect that Rinne used duplicates of her to make money, but the real reason is quickly discovered and the duplicates vanished. In the final story, she gets invited by Rinne to a secret tour in the otherworld.