How much does racing the planet cost?

How much does racing the planet cost?

ENTRY FEE – US$3,995DEPOSIT – US$1,500BALANCE – US$2,495 Congratulations on registering for the RacingThePlanet: Lapland 2022! The next step to confirm your place in RacingThePlanet: Georgia 2022 is to pay the entry fee! You can pay here using a credit card or email us at [email protected]

What race is Sahara?

The Sahara Race is a 250 km (155 miles) running race which takes place in the Sahara desert, 130 km Southwest of Cairo, Egypt. There are 6-stages in 7 days: almost 4 Marathons in 4 days, then 86 km, a rest day and a final short stage of 2 km.

Where is 4 deserts located?

The 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series is widely recognized as the most PRESTIGIOUS FOOTRACE series in the world. The series consists of the Namib Race (Namibia), Gobi March (Mongolia), Atacama Crossing (Chile) and The Last Desert (Antarctica).

What do the 4 Desert races test?

The 4 Deserts takes competitors on a journey through the driest, hottest, coldest and windiest places on earth, testing their limits both physically and mentally.

How long is an ultra marathon?

How Long Is an Ultramarathon? An ultramarathon can be classified by race distance or time. The most common distances are 50 kilometers, 50 miles, 100 kilometers, and 100 miles. The standard time-based ultramarathons are six hours, twelve hours, and twenty-four hours.

What is the hardest foot race in the world?

The Marathon Des Sables
The Marathon Des Sables is six day, 251km (156 miles) ultramarathon across the Sahara Desert considered to be the toughest footrace in the world.

What is the desert race called?

Where might you go? The Marathon des Sables is the stuff of legends – a truly gruelling multi-stage adventure in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments, the Sahara Desert. It is indisputably the Toughest Footrace on Earth.

How much does it cost to enter Marathon des Sables?

Entry is available on-line via the official MDS website: The individual entry fee of 3,190 Euros (or, 3,290 Euros per team member) is payable via wire transfer directly to the Head Office in France. It is important to know that the entry fee DOES NOT include airfare.

What is the biggest desert race in the world?

Sahara Race Egypt The iconic Sahara Desert, the largest non-polar desert in the world, is home to the third race in the “4 Deserts” series. This race is also 155-miles (250-km) long, but it’s run across the hottest desert in the world.

Is Antarctica bigger than Russia?

Russia takes up 17,098,250 square kilometres, roughly one-eighth of the world’s total land mass. That’s larger than the entire continent of Antarctica, nearly twice the size of the world’s second biggest country, Canada, and almost as large as the whole of South America.

Can anyone do the Marathon de Sables?

Teenagers over 16 may participate in the 35th MARATHON DES SABLES subject to prior consent from ATLANTIDE ORGANISATION Internationale and written permission from a parent or guardian. They will have to meet the same requirements as adults. Every entrant will be ranked.

Can you walk Marathon de Sables?

Yes, walking is a good option – in fact it’s positively encouraged if it gets you to the line. You will be doing the equivalent of five and a half regular marathons in the space of just six days. And you will carry everything you need on your back.

How many calories do you burn in an ultra marathon?

If you are maxing out your effort in a short race, you are likely burning between 8,000-13,000 calories.