Where can I get a TB test in King County?

Where can I get a TB test in King County?

Public Health — Seattle & King County no longer provides TB testing for work or school purposes. This service can be provided by your private medical provider, community health center or occupational health clinic.

How can I get free TB medicine?

Free treatment services are available for TB at all Government hospitals, Community Health Centers (CHC), Primary Health Centers (PHCs). DOT centers have been established near to residence of patients to the extent possible. All public heatlh facilties, subs centres, Community Volunteers, ASHA, Women Self Groups etc.

What does TB mean in Medical terms?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially serious infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs. The bacteria that cause tuberculosis are spread from person to person through tiny droplets released into the air via coughs and sneezes.

What does Tuberculosis do?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by germs that are spread from person to person through the air. TB usually affects the lungs, but it can also affect other parts of the body, such as the brain, the kidneys, or the spine. A person with TB can die if they do not get treatment.

How many years a TB patient can survive?

The duration of tuberculosis from onset to cure or death is approximately 3 years and appears to be similar for smear-positive and smear-negative tuberculosis.

How long is TB contagious?

People with symptomatic TB are contagious until they have taken their TB medications for at least two weeks. After that point, treatment must continue for months, but the infection is no longer contagious.

What is the tuberculosis control clinic?

The mission of the Tuberculosis Control Clinic, located at Harborview Medical Center, is to interrupt the transmission of tuberculosis in Seattle and King County.

How do I report cases of tuberculosis (TB)?

To report cases of tuberculosis, call the Public Health – Seattle & King County TB Control Program at 206-744-4579.

What is the Washington TB collaborative network?

The Washington TB Collaborative Network (WTCN) provides staffing, lab and materials support for Tuberculosis Programs around Washington State and facilitates connections among network partners.

What is tuberculosis (TB)?

Tuberculosis, also called TB, is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium named Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB usually involves the lungs (pulmonary TB) but can infect almost any organ in the body. TB is almost always curable with antibiotics that are readily available in countries such as the U.S.