How many countries does Air New Zealand fly to?

How many countries does Air New Zealand fly to?

This is a list of destinations served by Air New Zealand. The airline serves 32 international destinations in 18 countries and territories.

Where does Air NZ fly internationally?

Air New Zealand operates domestic flights within New Zealand and international flights connecting Australia, the Pacific, Asia, and North America with Aotearoa….Where we fly.

Auckland to Honolulu, Tahiti, New Caledonia Early July
Wellington to Fiji Early July
Christchurch to Fiji Early July

When Borders will open in NZ?

New Zealand border fully reopening by July 2022 Wednesday, 11 May 2022. The Government has announced a new faster timeline for reopening the border and reconnecting New Zealand with the world. New Zealand’s border will now be fully reopened by the end of July – three months earlier than originally planned.

Is New Zealand Open to tourism?

New Zealand Has Reopened Its Borders for International Travel— What to Know. Travelers must be vaccinated, provide a pre-departure COVID-19 test, and test on arrival.

Can I change my booking with Air New Zealand?

If your international travel is on an Air New Zealand ticket and also includes travel on another airline, any fare difference will apply. If you prefer, you can opt-in to credit. If your travel is within New Zealand, you can change your booking. A fare difference may apply.

What can I do with the Air NZ mobile app?

Help make your plans a reality with the Air NZ mobile app. You can use it to book your flights and keep up to date with any schedule changes. It can even act as your boarding pass. If you’ve already booked, you can check your flight status .

What is the cancellation policy for Air New Zealand flights?

So that you can be sure the flights booked best fit your travel plans, Air New Zealand will permit airfares booked on to be cancelled within 24 hours of ticketing for bookings made at least one week (168 hours) prior to travel. Inside this time frame normal fare rules will apply.

Can I make changes to my New Zealand domestic ticket?

All our New Zealand domestic fares come with the flexibility to make changes to your travel plans prior to departure. Flexi change gives you the flexibility to change your flight with no change fees. Flexi refund gives you maximum flexibility to make changes and is fully refundable should your plans change or you no longer wish to travel.