What do the icons mean on Ffxiv?

What do the icons mean on Ffxiv?

The icons displayed next to character names indicate their online status. See below for more information about each status icon. New Adventurer: Indicates that the player has just started playing FFXIV recently. Returner: Indicates that the player has returned to FFXIV after not playing for a certain period of time.

What does the flower mean in Ffxiv?

A little sprout means it’s a new player (which now extends to the end of the HW storyline). A flower means it’s a returning player (they were gone for a while but just came back).

What does the chair mean Ffxiv?

There is an in game help menu on it. Off the top of my head, the two most common you may see is a red chair which means afk, and a a blue type writer or register rather. That means the player is registered, or searching for a duty finder group.

How do you get the flower icon Ffxiv?

When you return to the game you get a returner icon, which is a flower icon that lasts 72 hours of playtime and appears over the top of the sprout. Once returner disappears, try /nastatus on. If it doesn’t work it might be from joining the game before it existed.

What does blue icon mean Ffxiv?

Blue means non-aggressive; they won’t attack until you attack. Orange means aggressive; will attack if they detect you.

What are the blue quest icons Ffxiv?

Blue plus sign quests aren’t a special kind of quest, they’re just ordinary side quests that happen to unlock something. Usually a dungeon or trial, sometimes a special feature, whatever. In terms of different types of quests, there are pretty much just four.

What does purple flower mean Ffxiv?

The flower is the symbol for a returner (someone who has just come back to the game after being away for a while) EDIT: or you’re probably referred to the purple flower if you’re talking about chat, that’s someone from a different server than yours. 4. Additional comment actions. More from r/ffxiv. ‘s profile Close.

How do I not be a sprout?

To reliably remove sprout status in Final Fantasy XIV, AKA new adventurer status, type the command /nastatus into the game and press enter. This serves as a toggle and is available to swap on and off at your discretion without much issue until you no longer qualify.

What does C mean Ffxiv?

/c/ or -c- denotes they have an f-list page for their character.

What do the exclamation marks mean in FFXIV?

Some quests use it if it involves items or information that you man need to acquire again to finish the quest (usually items). You’d return to them to get the item back if you threw it out, for instance. 36.

What Blue quests are worth doing in FFXIV?

Contents show

  • Level 10: Armoury.
  • Level 15: Challenge Log.
  • Level 17: Access for Retainers.
  • Level 20: You get your first amount (Chocobo Mount Access)
  • Level 29: White Wolf Gate Access.
  • Level 30: PVP access.
  • Level 35: The Sunken Temple of Qarn Dungeon Access.
  • Level 47: Adventure Squadrons.

What flower did aerith give cloud?

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom is Cloud’s ultimate Limit command, even stronger than Omnislash. Its attack animation involves the swirl of pink cherry blossoms. Also, in Chapter IV, it is possible to buy a flower for one gil from Aerith. This is essential for the many sidequests.

What does the sprout mean Ffxiv?

The sprout denotes that you’re a new adventurer/novice. You’re a sprout while you meet either of these requirements (meaning you need to surpass both in order to stop being a sprout): Have not reached 168 hours of playtime logged on the character. You can check yours by typing /ptime.

What does a blue lily mean?

Blue Lily. Blue lilies are often species of flowers that are not in the true lily genus (Lilium) but that are reminiscent of lilies and/or referred to as lilies, like the blue lily of the Nile. The color blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and spiritual awareness.

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What does GG mean in FFXIV?

GG = good game (a congratulatory gesture); LFM (or LF#M) = looking for more (or looking for # more); LFG = looking for group; CC = crowd control; DPS = damage per second (usually refers to a damage-dealing class);