What size chain does a CS-310 Echo chainsaw take?

What size chain does a CS-310 Echo chainsaw take?

Product Details. The professional-grade ECHO chainsaw CS-310 comes equipped with a 14 in. bar and chain. The rear handle chainsaw is both lightweight and delivers powerful performance.

How many cc is a CS-310 Echo chainsaw?

30.5 cc
30.5 cc Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Chainsaw CS-310-16.

Will a Oregon bar fit a ECHO chainsaw?

Chainsaw Bar & S62 Chain, Fits Echo, Craftsman, Poulan, Homlite, Makita, Ryobi, Husqvarna and more (39272) This product is only available through retailers or servicing dealers.

What size file do you use on a 3/8 chainsaw chain?

File sizes

Chain pitch Round file diameter
1/4″ 4.0mm
.325 4.8mm
3/8″ 5.2mm
.404 5.5mm

What size chain goes on a ECHO?

The correct chain needed for the ECHO 58V Chainsaw is, Part #90PX56CQ – 16″ Chain.

When should you replace chainsaw sprocket?

The chain sprocket must be replaced if the depth of the wear marks reaches about 0.5mm, i.e. the wear limit. A seriously worn chain sprocket can cause the chainsaw chain and guide bar to wear at an increased rate, as well as reducing cutting performance too, so it’s important to keep an eye on.

What does ECHO CS 310 weigh?

8 pounds
Echo CS-310-14: Performance The chainsaw’s plastic and aluminum body weighs only 8 pounds.

How much does a Echo 310 weigh?

8.8 Pounds
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Item Dimensions LxWxH 39.5 x 11.5 x 12.2 inches
Brand Echo
Power Source Gasoline-Powered
Horsepower 5.3 hp
Item Weight 8.8 Pounds

Does Oregon make echo chains?

This item: Echo 18″ Oregon Chain Saw Repl. Chain Model #Cs-450, Cs-450p, Cs-530, Cs-550p (2072) Fits Saws Listed That Use a . 325 Pitch , . 050 Gauge Chain with 72 Drive Links…..

Manufacturer Oregon
Date First Available October 3, 2014

How often should you sharpen chainsaw blade?

A chainsaw may only need to be sharpened once a year if it is rarely used, but a tool that is frequently used will need to be sharpened regularly to ensure that the blade doesn’t get too dull. On average, a chainsaw blade will retain its sharpness for about 3 hours of actively cutting through wood.

When should a wheel sprocket be replaced?

Rim & sprocket A rim needs replacing when it has worn 0.2mm.