What timber should I use for decking joists?

What timber should I use for decking joists?

If the decking is being built on a low level it should be built of C16 graded treated joists 45 mm by 95mm (4×2 approx.). However if you are building a raised deck you should use 45mm x 145mm joists.

How thick do deck joists need to be?

Most composite brands have the same thickness, but softwoods and hardwoods will range from 1″ to 2″ thick for decking. Softwoods should be at least 1 1/4 inches thick for a 16″ on center span. 2 inches thick will allow for a 24″ on center span.

Are 4×2 joists OK for decking?

4 x 2 Timber Rail / Joist. Pressure treated timber joists. These decking joists are the most common sized framing timber for decking. They provide a solid structure for fixing your decking boards too.

How far apart are bearers for a deck?

Set up the bearer spacings at a minimum of 1800mm centres with stump holes no more than 1500mm apart. The outside run of stumps will need to align with the outside edge of the deck.

Do I need bearers and joists for a deck?

In order to create your own deck, familiarity with the parts is required. Bearers are the timbers that are attached to the stumps or posts that support the deck and Joists are the timbers that are attached across the bearers to which the decking boards are in turn attached.

Can I use 4×2 for decking joists?

How far apart should bearers be on deck?

Piles should be spaced at maximum centres of 1.3m along the lines of the bearers and at maximum centres of 1.9m along the lines of the joists. Dig holes with a post hole borer or a spade to a minimum depth of 450mm plus an extra 100mm for concrete pad. Clean out holes of any loose material.

How high should a deck be off the ground?

The number-one reason ground-level decking projects fail is a lack of ventilation. We always recommend at least 18 inches of ground clearance to allow for good air flow, but ground-level decks, by definition, flout this rule.

What size timber is best for decking frame?

Commonly used joist sizes are 2-by-6, 2-by-8 and 2-by-10. For example, when you space joists 16″ apart — which is standard for residential decks — a deck spanning 9 1/2′ would require 2-by-6 joists, a 13′ deck would need 2-by-8 joists and a 16′ deck calls for 2-by-10 joists.