How do you reset a Toshiba copier?

How do you reset a Toshiba copier?

Make sure the machine is off. While holding down the “0” and “8” buttons on the keypad, turn the copier back on. Keep holding the “0”‘ and “8” buttons until the copier lets out a long beep.

Why is my Toshiba Printer not printing?

Check whether the machine’s printer driver has been selected from the print window of the application. If the machine’s printer driver does not appear in the list of available printer drivers, it may not be installed correctly. Remove the printer driver and then install it once again. See also the Software Setup Guide.

Why does my Toshiba printer keep going offline?

This can be caused by an error between your device or computer and the printer. Sometimes it maybe as simple as your cable not correctly attached or a simple error coming from a paper-jam. However a printer appearing as “ Offline ” error can also be down to problems with your printer driver or software.

What causes black streaks on copies?

If you are experiencing black lines on your copies when using the automatic feeder on your copy machine chances are your machine has a dirty slit glass. The slit glass area on your copier can get dirty for multiple reasons.

How do I scan a document on a Toshiba copier?

Touch the SCAN option. in the USB port on the left side of the display screen. Select PDF or TIFF for file format and then hit OK. feeder tray if scanning a legal or letter sized page; if use feeder tray, put document face up) and hit the blue SCAN button.

How do you clean the lines on a copier?

First, try a spray of glass cleaner into a paper towel or rag. Once the glass cleaner is applied to your rag scrub away! When you feel you have cleaned the slit glass try running a copy through the automatic feeder and see if the lines on your copies have gone away.

How do you clean the inside of a copy machine?

Dampen a soft, lint free or microfiber cloth with Isopropyl alcohol (or, alternatively, use Isopropyl alcohol wipes) to clean your equipment. Do NOT spray directly onto the device. Avoid bleach, ammonia, or other harsh cleaning solvents as these could damage the display screen of your copier/MFP or printer.