How much does a taxi cost per km in Germany?

How much does a taxi cost per km in Germany?

Cost of taxis in Germany Taxi companies are heavily regulated in Germany so you can expect standardised fares. These vary according to city, but there is usually a basic fee of around 2-3 euros, then a rate of 1-3 euros per kilometre. Waiting time is charged at around 0,10 to 0,50 cents per minute.

How much does a taxi cost from Berlin airport to city Centre?

Taxi fare from Brandenburg Airport to the city centre Under standard conditions, you can expect to pay €49 for your ride to the city centre. The journey will take around 40 minutes. The €49 fare should cover luggage costs, travel time, the initial tariff and the distance to your destination.

Is taxi safe in Berlin?

Thankfully, almost all Berlin taxis are reliable and safe, whether you are ordering one from an app, jumping in at a taxi rank or flagging down a passing cab.

How do you pay for taxis in Berlin?

Paying your taxi fare If you can, keep some banknotes of lower denomination with you – taxi drivers are not obliged to hold large amounts of change. Today, paying your fare by credit card or EC cash card should be possible in any cab.

Does Uber work in Berlin Germany?

In Berlin, Uber provides five ride options: UberX, UberXL, Premium, Green and Taxi. With UberX, UberXL, Premium and Green, you can arrange a trip with an Uber driver-partner. With Taxi, you can arrange a trip with a regular taxi driver, with pricing at the official taxi rates.

Is Uber available in Berlin?

Why Berlin is not safe?

There are petty crime and pickpockets in Berlin, a big homeless community, organised crime, combined with recent terrorist attacks. Now you probably are wondering “Is Berlin safe to visit?”, and with reason. I will be tacking this question in this epic guide to staying safe in the German capital.

How do I order a taxi in Berlin?

Berlin call-a-cab lines You can order a taxi in Berlin on the following phone lines: Taxi Berlin: +49 30 – 20 20 20. Würfelfunk: +49 30 – 21 01 01. TaxiFunk Berlin: +49 30 – 44 33 22.

Which taxi app works in Germany?

The 8 best taxi apps in Europe (and several Uber alternatives)

  1. FREE NOW. Previously known as “MyTaxi”, Free Now digitizes how you hail city cabs.
  2. Taxi EU. Taxi EU serves over 160 European cities, particularly popular in German metropolitan areas.
  3. Uber.
  4. Gett.
  5. G7.
  6. LeCab.
  7. Cabify.
  8. Ola.

Is Uber cheap in Germany?

But I noticed that Uber is back in Frankfurt and about 25% cheaper than the cab (60EUR for the cab via MyTaxi app, 45EUR for the Uber). So we tried that.

How much do taxis cost in Berlin?

Almost all taxis in Berlin accept cards, however, they do charge an additional 1.50€ for non-cash payments. Make sure your driver resets his taximeter to the base fare of 3.90€ before you begin your journey. After the first 7km, your rate per/km will fall to €1.50.

How do I book a Berlin transfer?

Knowing that your Berlin taxi will be waiting for you at a set time, in a set location and with a fixed price takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. If you prefer budgeting and planning your trip in advance, then you can book your Berlin transfer with one of the many pre-book taxi companies online.

How to find a taxi in Berlin when it’s Raining?

If it’s raining and you don’t want to wait outside for a taxi, or if it’s late at night and you don’t feel safe walking the streets, you can call one of the local taxi companies, and they will send a Berlin taxi to you in less than 10 minutes.

How to get around in Berlin?

Get safely and comfortably to where you want to go in Berlin whenever you want – airport or railway station, a business meeting or anywhere else you may have in mind. If you’re on the move already, you can also simply flag down a free cab. A taxi is free if its roof sign is lit up.