Is Cannock Chase good for MTB?

Is Cannock Chase good for MTB?

With its flowing single track and gentle berms, rollers, gradual climbs and rollable rock gardens, it’s the perfect trail to help you take the next step on your mountain bike journey as you transition from green (easy). Most of the trail has gentle slopes, there is one slightly bigger climb to tackle.

How long is the new blue trail Cannock Chase?

3 mile
Blue Trail Cannock Chase is a 3 mile moderately popular intermediate route located near Rugeley. This mountain bike primary route. This route includes 11 trails. This route climbs 291 ft with a max elevation of 492 ft then descends -293 ft.

Can you cycle at Cannock Chase?

Whether you’ve just bought your first bike, or you’re happy shredding through rock gardens, Cannock Chase offers a fantastic opportunity for natural cycling. Known as the midlands premier destination for mountain biking.

Is Cannock Chase flat?

Cannock Chase is relatively flat , you won’t find that much climbing on Follow the Dog, there’s only one hill to climb up.

How long is follow the dog?

6.7 mile
Follow the Dog is a red graded 6.7 mile intermediate mountain bike trail aimed at competent mountain bikers.

Why is Cannock Chase famous?

Cannock Chase played an important role in World War I. Logistically it was a prime location with good communication and transport links and was the largest unenclosed area in the West Midlands, so the Earl of Lichfield, the then landowner, granted permission for two large military training camps to be built.

How long is the Gruffalo trail whinlatter?

After we found the Gruffalo, we returned to the visitor centre for a quick drink and then went off to explore the Wild Play trail. This is a 600m long trail connecting nine themed play areas.

Are dogs allowed at Cannock Chase?

Cannock Chase Forest is a very dog friendly day out. Dogs are welcome everywhere except for the food service area of the Birches Valley cafe and in the children’s playground by the car park. Outside the cafe, there’s a dog bowl at every table. Around the back of the building is a tap to fill them up from.

Where are the best downhill bike parks in Cannock Chase?

Stile Cop bike park is home to Cannock Chase’s only downhill trails, with around a dozen trails to choose from over varying difficulty levels. Despite having only 65 meters of elevation, the hill has a wide variety of trails to keep riders busy.

What makes Cannock Chase’s monkey trail unique?

The Monkey Trail is a mix of fast and flowing machine built trail and tight, twisty and technical hand built trails, – the end result is a superbly engaging ride. Stile Cop bike park is home to Cannock Chase’s only downhill trails, with around a dozen trails to choose from over varying difficulty levels.

How much does it cost to cycle at Cannock Chase?

There are three cycle trails at the Chase designed for leisure cyclist and families. These trails are open all year round and are free of charge. The leisure trails have been developed from the long-established family routes around Cannock Chase, and all start from Birches Valley.

Are there any XC mountain bike trails in Chase?

Cannock Chase is home to two dedicated, way marked, XC mountain bike trails – ‘Follow the Dog’ and ‘The Monkey Trail’. Both trails are free to ride and open all year round.