What size rims does a 2006 Honda Accord have?

What size rims does a 2006 Honda Accord have?

Honda Accord 2006 2.4i

Tire Rim
205/65R15 92H 6.5JJx15 ET55 OE
205/60R16 91V 6.5JJx16 ET55 OE
215/60R16 94V 6.5Jx16 ET55
215/50R17 93V 6.5Jx17 ET55

What kind of rims does a Honda Accord have?

The most common 18″ wheel setup on the Accord for your average cruiser setup is an 18×8 or 8.5 wheel with a +22mm to +40mm offset and a 235/40 or 45 tire.

What size are the Honda Accord Sport wheels?

Accord Sport, Sport Special Edition and Sport 2.0T trims show off a unique 19-inch alloy wheel design, with 235/40 R19 all-season tires. Handsome machine-finished 17-inch alloys are standard on Accord EX-L; they’re surrounded by 225/50 R17 all-season tires.

Why are Honda Accord tires being stolen?

Foulds said the stolen tires are most likely sold on the black market. “They are selling to other Honda owners who want the nice tires, but they don’t want to pay the premium price,” Foulds said. “It’s not just the tires. They are taking the wheels, the rims, everything.”

What tires come standard on Honda Accord?

Original Equipment Accord Tires The current generation Accord is sold in multiple trims with several tire sizes: The LX, EX, and EX-L trims come with 17-inch wheels with tires size 225/50R17. The OEM tire is either the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus or the Fuzion UHP Sport A/S.

How can Honda Accord theft be prevented?

Tips on How to Prevent Your Honda From Being Stolen

  1. Lock your vehicle: Keep your car locked at all times, including while you’re driving it.
  2. Parking: Never leave keys in a parked vehicle.
  3. Valuables: Don’t tempt thieves by leaving valuable items in the car, such as laptops, cameras or cellphones.

Do Honda Accords get stolen?

The Honda Accord is the second most stolen vehicle. Hondas are popular with thieves because the car parts are in great demand and can easily be resold on the black market.

What is rim rash?

In the auto industry, curb rash is a term used to describe any damage to a vehicle’s wheels or hubcaps caused by rubbing against the curb. In less common situations, curb rash can be caused by hitting potholes or other obstructions in the road. Types of Curb Rash Damage.