How many inputs does a Focusrite 6i6 have?

How many inputs does a Focusrite 6i6 have?

6 inputs
The Scarlett 6i6 USB 2.0 Audio Interface from Focusrite features 6 inputs and 6 outputs, including 2 front-panel microphone preamps on XLR / 1/4″ TRS combo inputs that can also be used as line-level and Hi-Z instrument inputs.

Is Scarlett 6i6 USB powered?

The Scarlett 6i6 is a six-input, six-output USB 2 audio interface operating at 24-bit and at sample rates of up to 96kHz. It works with both Windows PC and Mac, and may also be used with an iPad via USB 2 and the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

Does Focusrite have recording software?

You’ve found the simplest way to create incredible recordings of your music. Featuring the smallest USB audio interface we make, mic, headphones and all the cables you need to get started, Scarlett Solo Studio is ready to record every song you’ll ever write.

What is Scarlett 6i6?

The Scarlett 6i6 is a smart interface for small-format recording tasks. There are many compact interfaces out there, but few combine XLR inputs for your mics, hi-Z inputs for instruments, line inputs, and even S/PDIF digital I/O.

Can I use focusrite without Focusrite Control?

Yes, Focusrite Control is required for these devices. Focusrite Control can be downloaded from your Focusrite account, or from the main downloads page (select the correct product from the drop-down list i.e Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen, Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen, etc).

Where can I find information about troubleshooting for Scarlett 6i6?

For all troubleshooting queries, please visit the Focusrite Help Centre where you will find articles covering numerous troubleshooting examples: Focusrite is a registered trade mark and Scarlett 6i6 is a trade mark of Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited.

Is the Scarlett interface compatible with the new Focusrite?

Your .Second .Generation .Scarlett .interface .is .compatible .with .the .new .Focusrite .Control .software . application: .this .lets .you .control .various .hardware .features, .set .up .monitor .mixes .and .configure . routings. .

How do I download the Focusrite user guide?

Click the Focusrite Downloads Page link above, or go to Select your product in the Pick your product by type dropdown menu. Find the user guide you need.

How does Focusrite control work with other Focusrite products?

NOTE: Focusrite Control is a generic product, and may be used withother Focusrite hardware interfaces. When you connect an interface to your computer and launch Focusrite Control, the model of interface is automatically detected, and the software configured to suit the number of inputs and outputs, and other facilities, available on the hardware.