What happens at the end of the book Counting by 7s?

What happens at the end of the book Counting by 7s?

The ending: in the end, Pattie ends up adopting Willow. Now, up until the very ending of the novel, Pattie was shown as a resourceful, intelligent, caring woman who loves her kids and who cares for Willow deeply.

What is the main conflict in Counting by 7s?

Scene Description. The conflict that I have chosen from my book is when Willow’s parents die in a tragic car crash. It relates to the book because it was fate that the driver crashed into them because the driver wasn’t planning to, it just happened.

What is the theme of the story Counting by 7s?

Central to Counting by 7s is the theme of belonging and how the story’s characters find belonging when confronted with changing group dynamics. Willow, convinced that the only place she truly belongs is with her adopted parents, must seek acceptance elsewhere when they die.

What is the climax in Counting by 7s?

The climax is when Willow and the Nguyens have to go to Dell’s apartment because they know that there “home” wouldn’t pass exception. Mia’s family live in a garage with beds on the floor and a small little kitchen with a table.

What is the turning point in Counting by 7s?

The turning point/climax in the novel, Counting by 7’s , is when Willow moves into Dell’s apartment. This is the turning point in the book because after she moves in, everything changes between Pattie, Mai, Dell, and Quang-ha.

How did Willow chance change?

Willow’s loss caused her to become a shell of herself. However, she did find things to occupy her time and utilize her organizational skills. For example, she made one working computer out of three broken ones, updated Pattie’s system at the nail salon, and rearranged the salon so Pattie could fit another chair.

What is the setting of Counting by 7s?

Synopsis. Counting By 7s is the story of Willow Chance, a twelve-year-old girl who has been identified at an early age as ‘gifted’. Willow lives in Bakersfield, California and comes home from school one day to the news that her parents have been killed in a traffic accident.

What tragedy occurs in chapter 1 of Counting by 7s?

The very first chapter moves quickly, with a tragic turn of events that turn Willow Chance’s beautiful day into the worst day of her life: the day her parents die.

Why does Willow chance like the number 7?

The number 7 is Willow’s favorite number. Her parents adopted her on the 7th day of the 7th month. She entertains herself by counting by 7’s. At the end of the novel, however, Willow realizes it is not as important to count by 7’s as it is to count to 7, especially when counting…

What is the rising action in counting by 7s?

Rising Actions: Willow starts counseling with Dell Duke because she got a perfect score on her test. The principal thinks that Willow cheated, but she is just very smart. Willow meets Mai while waiting for her counseling session to begin.

Who are the main characters in counting by 7s?

Characters: Willow Chance, her new friend Mai, Mai’s brother Quang-ha, Pattie, and their school counselor Dell Duke.

Who is the antagonist of Counting by 7s?

Lenore Cole tries to tear Willow away from the Nguyens, even though they are completely capable of her care and needs. It is obvious that she wants the best for Willow, but she doesn’t know that staying with the Nguyen family is best. So, in that way, Lenore is an antagonist.

What is the climax of counting by 7s?

Why does Willow’s garden mean so much to her?

According to Willow, “to know [her] is to know [her] garden” (15). After her parents’ death, her beloved garden symbolizes the past and because she cannot return to it, she abandons her interest in it.

What is the climax of Counting by 7s?